Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump's Speech Translated

Lots of comment on Donald Trump's speech tonight.  Nobody seemed to think much of it, but to my mind, no one I heard really got to what it was about.  So, here's my translation:

"I totally fucked up my campaign in the last week, helped along by Hillary, and pretty much showed myself to be an out of control bully without a clue of what is going on in the world.  In fact, I made my fellow Republicans so afraid of me that the whole day was spent distancing themselves from me, and openly talking about what it would take to dump me flat.  So, I'd damn well better get out there and read a speech written by someone else, in which I try to act like a normal candidate, or I'm not going to survive another week in the race.  Here goes, and let's all pretend that this is the new me."

Well, don't worry.  If we know anything at this point, it is that Hillary can drive this guy over the edge whenever she thinks the time is right, which probably will be after the Republican convention, when they can't ditch him.  It looks like this is going to be a fun election after all.

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