Thursday, June 30, 2016

A New Dawn on the Supreme Court is Within Our Grasp

I want to amplify my comments on a post I made a few days ago about the recent Supreme Court decision recognizing that the State of Texas used grossly dishonest arguments to justify anti-abortion laws.  And as before, I want to point out the tremendously good news that this decision presages.

So, here's what I see:  Republican packing of the Supreme Court really began in earnest during the Nixon administration, in an action that forced the appointment of Rehnquist, and has continued ever since.  And the key point that must be understood is this never represented a split between liberal and conservative Justices.  These Republican appointees were not conservative, they were corrupt.  They were nothing but tools of the rich backers in the Republican party, who had figured out by the sixties that they could never get the results they were paying to obtain, through honest means.

So, we have a whole host of issues on which there is no question that the Republican party is lying.  We all know their antiabortion laws have nothing to do with health, but are a pandering to an enraged, ignorant base to get them to cooperate with an agenda that is destroying them.  We all know that Republican laws about voting have nothing to do with the essentially nonexistent threat of voter fraud, but are solely intended to disenfranchise Democrats.  We all know that global warming is real, and it is a massive threat to the survival of civilization.  We all know that corporations are not people.  We all know that Bush cheated his way into the Presidency, with the aid of Supreme Court corruption, and we all know the result.  We all know that the Constitution does not license the uncontrolled personal ownership of weapons.  And we all know that Repubican shibboleths like Federalism and supply side economics are nothing but empty blabbering to justify their power and money grabs to the uninformed.

And when I say "we" know these things perfectly well, I include the five Republican Supreme Court justices who have, under the leadership of the hateful intellectual bully, Antonin Scalia, ignored what we all know, to render a continuing series of patently fallacious decisions, which, at this point, have left the United States on a path to have the most unequal division of wealth of any country in the history of the world, by 2030; and which have just about destroyed our ability to govern ourselves, in the face of opposition from a multinational cadre of hyper-rich sociopaths.

This recent decision represents a stunning departure from this criminal behavior, forced on the court by the Republicans on its bench, and the Republicans who put them there.  It is a reminder, after so long, that we don't have to have our country stolen by five very corrupt men.  Now, let us make sure that our side gets to appoint the next Supreme Court justice, and perhaps the dark, three decades long era of utter corruption that the Republicans have forced on the country can at last come to an end, and we can really get on with the job, ably started by Obama, of healing the damage.


Poll P. said...

Wow, G.E. What a sunny post! Fingers crossed.

curt said...

Yes! A sunny post! This is very encouraging.

Frank Wilhoit said...

What we're seeing right now is that Scalia was actually good for about 3.5 votes: himself, Thomas, usually Kennedy, and Roberts about half the time. Thomas will never change. Kennedy is now free to channel his inner maple seed. As for Roberts, those who say that he is not a True Conservative have a point, although not the one they think they have. A True Conservative cannot afford to have any situational awareness. Roberts fails this test (how's that for a backhanded compliment?).

Marc said...

I still have the dream that after the election, Obama withdraws his nominee. Then President Clinton nominates Obama to the vacancy. Wingnut brainz explode! (win-win, in my book...)