Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thanks, Omar

Well, Omar Mateen has certainly written his name in the history books.  It is so discouraging to think that a brain-dead jackass like this, motivated by insane religious rage, can do so much damage to our chances to have a sane discussion about what is going on in our country.
So, this Muslim jerk joins forces with the Christian religious jerks in this country, and kills over 50 people because they are gay.  Well, Omar, there is nothing you could do in your now-thankfully terminated life that would have ever done more good for the hate-filled Infidels that people like you claim to be fighting.  Well, that would probably be just fine with you, because the religious fanatics on both sides are hell-bent on having an apocalyptic war, in which both sides are utterly confident they will win, because God is with them.  And the rest of us are left trying to prevent them from having their way, a task made just a little harder because of you.

And make no mistake: this is not about left (Muslim) versus right (Christian,) as people like Trump would have you believe.  It is about right (religion) versus left (sanity.)  And today, religion scored a big victory.


Unknown said...

Actually, he doesn't seem to have been much of a Muslim, at least according to his father and ex-wife. He was, however, angry, violent and hated gay people and that was enough to declare for Da'esh/ISIS, which despite Islamic rhetoric is as much a Muslim organization as the KKK is a Christian organization.

Green Eagle said...

Well, it is now being reported That his father has a radio show and a host of online videos in which he strongly supports the Taliban. Like father, like son.

Paul said...

Everything coming out about him is that the gunman - NEVER NAME THEM - was a homophobe who may have been a closeted homosexual. He had reportedly gone to the Pulse various times... so either he was gay or had already targeted the place and was scouting the location (The Pulse is famous enough to be listed in tour guides).

Either way, this attack has less to do with radical Islam and more to do with violent self-loathing and anti-gay anger.