Monday, August 1, 2016

Your Next First Lady

But first, let's look back on this story from ABC News, about the current first lady:

"Obama's Choice to Bare Arms Causes Uproar...

The latest arms controversy embroiling the White House has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. Instead, it's sprung from criticism about Michelle Obama showing off her toned triceps and biceps in her first official photo as first lady.  The nation's first spouse, who often dons sleeveless attire, dared to show off her limbs in the picture that graces her Web site and was released Sunday."

Or this story, which circulated around the right wing blogosphere a few years ago:

"Obama’s Mother’s Naked Pictures: The Link to Communist Pornographer and Sex Fiend Frank Marshall Davis, His REAL FATHER...After the nude photo, sex followed. Ann Dunham began fornicating with Davis in the autumn of 1960. When she got pregnant, her father and Davis came up with the idea to find a “fall guy” to pose as the father – for a fee, of course. The Kenyan Goat Herder, Barack Obama, Sr. was their choice. There weren’t many young Blacks to choose from."

Accompanied by photos of a well-known porn star from the fifties named Marcy Moore, who bore only the shallowest resemblance to Obama's mother.


Okay, now that we have the context, on we go.  I have to warn you that it is very distressing to me to have to resort to showing things like this, but the prospect of this woman's husband in the Oval Office is far worse.

Here is a picture of Melania Trump:
That's her on the right, in case you wondered, posing for a French men's magazine..

We are dealing with moral monsters here. And I am not talking about Melania, I'm talking about the disgusting degenerate that abandoned his wife and family for a cheap, gold digging whore.  Anyone who does not acknowledge that is voluntarily helping to destroy our country.  And they call themselves patriots.

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