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Wingnut Wrapup

I just can't tell you how painful it has been, dredging through this crap the last couple of weeks. Anyway, here it is:

Let's just start out with a special mention of Katrina Pierson, Trump's most pathetic spokesperson, who has this to say:

"Katrinia Pierson on CNN just said Trump hasn't "changed his position on immigration, he's just changed the words he's saying."

Oh well, that explains everything.  He's not hating, he's just lying.  I feel so much better now.

"BREAKING: Paul Manafort Has Resigned From Trump's Campaign"

So shut up about Putin already, would you?

And now the lastest in Wingnut Wrapup's series of Not Funny Right Wing Cartoons:

Because losing half their territory is not retreat.  Not if Obama had anything to do with it.  Sort of interesting, isn't it, that Trump's campaign seems to be tied to ISIS winning.

Michael Barone, Town Hall:  "Today's Candidates Don't Measure Up to Roosevelt or Reagan"

Michael, I think you meant up to Roosevelt or down to Reagan.  See, things aren't as bad as they could be.

David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "Obama, the Worst President Ever, Except Maybe for Hillary"

God, she hasn't even been elected yet, and she's already the worst President in history.

Just as a reminder, I thought it might be good to remember this:

I mean, while we're talking about worst President in history, and all.  David continues:

"It's one thing for "Never Trump" Republicans to criticize Donald Trump, but Democrats, the liberal media and pedestal-perched professors who have enabled President Obama and now support Hillary Clinton have no standing to do so."

Democrats have NO STANDING to criticize Donald Trump.  So just SHUT UP!!!  Hillary has no right to even campaign, as she is already THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!

Stridentconservative, Red State:  "Obama’s Socially Engineered Military Is Full Of Anti-Christian Wusses"

Talk about respect for our troops.

Caleb Howe, Red State:  "The Monkeys are Running the Zoo, and Spending Your Money to do it … Literally"

Literally? Monkeys literally spending money.  Man, I can hardly wait to see that.

Caleb Howe, Red State:  "Dana Perino Unloads on Poll Deniers: “I Won’t Be a Party to Delusion”

Delusion?  Dana, you were George W. Bush's press secretary.  Don't remember that?

Anthony J. Ciani, American Thinker:  "Why Would Russians Hack Democrats?"

This is a complete mystery to Anthony.  I mean, aren't Democrats the sellouts to the commies?  I mean, isn't it the Democratic Presidential candidate who has essentially promised Putin that he can invade anyone he wants?  No? It was the other guy?  Sorry, then.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Obama's war on private enterprise takes down another industry"

The "industry" in question?  Private prisons.  Green Eagle just can't find the words to describe how sad he is about that, as he was sort of thinking of a whole new career as a prison guard.

"Basically, profit seems to be a dirty word for the Democrats, showing they have no idea or don't care how the United States got to be the strongest economy in the World."

Profiting from imprisoning people?  Yeah, that is a dirty idea, at least to decent people.  Not you, Thomas?  Okay, then, we'll keep that in mind.

J. Marsolo, American Thinker:  "Obama's release of Gitmo terrorists endangers Americans"

No comment on how much Americans are endangered by allowing our government to keep people in prison for fifteen years without even filing charges against them.

Kaitlyn Collins, Daily Caller:  "Britney Spears Stunned Her Fans When She Posted This TOPLESS Photo On Instagram"

What I want to know is, why don't we get vital political reporting like this on Daily Kos?

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Another DNC Official Is Leaving Following Wikileaks Scandal"

Just have to push the both sides thing, don't you Cortney...that "DNC official" would be one finance director Jordan Kaplan, who, I'll bet, no one here has ever heard of, and whose "crimes" were so minor that Cortney could not find one to report on.  Unlike, say, Trump's people, who are traitors.

John Hawkins, Town Hall:  "The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals"

Well, how about the 13 million dumbest things that offended liberals:  the assholes that voted to give us Trump as a Presidential candidate?

David Reaboy, Red State:  "No, Trump’s Advisor Joe Schmitz isn’t an Anti-Semite"

He only plays one on TV.  And everywhere else he goes too.

And of course, it's all our fault for voting Democratic:

Tom Knighton, PJ Media:  "EpiPen Costs Skyrocket, Because Big Government Ruins Everything...Doctors and patients say the Mylan pharmaceutical company has jacked up the prices for an EpiPen -- the portable device that can stop a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction -- from around $100 in 2008 to $500 and up today.  That's a hike of over 400 percent.  "Patients are calling and saying they can't afford it," said Dr. Douglas McMahon, an allergy specialist in Maplewood, Minnesota. "They're between a rock and a hard place." Following a recall by Mylan's chief competitor last year, the company now enjoys a near monopoly."

The company took the failure of their competitor as an opportunity to jack up their prices by 400%.  This is the fault of those damned Democrats because no one else has been able to meet the FDA standards for a new product yet, and who could ever blame rich people for taking any opportunity they can get to screw people?

"So Big Government regulations slow down the rise of living standards -- thus harming the poor, not helping them. Who knew? (Hint: conservatives. They knew.)"

Better for someone to be allowed to sell epi-pens filled with diet Coke or something.  That's the American way.  Of course, Tom does not have a shred of evidence that the government is doing  this out of anything but the concern for public safety which is their job, but when did that sort of thing ever stop a right wing liar?

"Despite the extensive knowledge regarding the safety of epinephrine, the FDA has no "fast track" option for competitors to Mylan."

No "fast track" way to evade concerns about public safety.  The Bastards.  And actually, we all know that the real reason is that Hillary has bought up the nation's supply of epi-pens to get her from now to the election.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Flood Victims Cheer Trump in Louisiana: “We Knew You’d Be Here!” 

WE knew he'd be there too- no camera in the country that he's not leaping in front of these days.  I just hope that his cheering victims didn't also "know" that he would do a damned thing to help them, because he isn't there to help them, he's there to pretend he cares about anyone but himself.  That's okay, though.  No one that is not as stupid as Jim fell for it.  And continuing Jim's crap about the rains in Louisiana:

"TRUMP COMFORTS LOUISIANA FLOOD VICTIMS – Obama Lectures Victims on Racism… From Golf Course"

Obama lectures victims of racism, and, of course, leads a highly organized and effective FEMA operation to deal with the problem.  Jim forgot that part.  Meanwhile, Trump "comforts" flood victims by giving them free Play-Doh.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "PROTESTERS Crash Trump Fundraiser, BEAT AND ROB Trump Supporters Leaving MN Convention Center"

The Trump supporters were robbed blind if they gave a nickel to his campaign, and as for the beating, that's coming in November.  And as for any Trump people that were harmed, take another look at the video of real Trump supporters I posted a while ago.  These people deserve to be beaten bloody; and don't try to tell me I am wrong here- they are anti-American racists determined to destroy our country so they can live in the white supremacist dictatorship they are yearning for.  Getting a few eggs thrown at them (the majority of the violence here) doesn't even begin to be what they deserve.

Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller:  "Here's How George Bush Responded To Louisiana Compared To Obama Today"

Kaitlyn, George Bush responded to Louisiana by turning FEMA over to his college friend as soon as he took office, who left it totally nonfunctional when it faced a major disaster.  Obama responded by rectifying the situation and making FEMA an organization capable of doing its job, like it was under Bill Clinton.  Who showed up for a photo op and when, really doesn't mean a damned thing compared to that.  Under Democrats, government works; under Republicans it doesn't.

Breitbart:  "Animal Rights Activists Wish Death upon 12-Year-Old Female Hunter"

And here she is, with the poor giraffe she killed:

Screw it- you know what? I wish death on her too, and on the miserable parents that brought up a child so psychopathic and lacking in empathy that she could do this.

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Christie: Hillary's Broken Promises To Black Community Are 'Unacceptable'...'A Trump presidency will address those things head on, without caving into the special interests'

Sorry, that remark is beyond the reach of sarcasm.

Moses Apostaticus, Daily Caller:  "The Alt-Right: Young White Men Sick Of Being Hated"

Ha.  Moses sort of forgot about all the hating they are doing on their own.  But they're white guys- they are allowed to hate.

"Schooled in extreme leftist ideology during her college years and having refined her rhetorical barbs inside the deeply corrupt Democratic machine, she’s expert at pushing the ideological buttons which leftists have been programmed to respond to."

Like objecting to violent white racist bullies with guns.  That sure is pushing an ideological button, alright.

 "The problem that Hillary and other leftists are encountering now is that young, white men have had enough, and are starting to push back against the dogma en masse."

With more violent racism.  How quaint.  And by the way, we think they have had enough too.  Enough of a free ride on the backs of non-white people around the world.  Now, they are getting a taste of what it is like to be on the bottom of the heap, and they don't like it too much.  Well, too damned bad.

"This is what has leftists worried. Leftists haven’t had any real intellectual opposition for a very long time, and they now have a formidable foe indeed."

Not that I'd exactly call hatred and bigotry "intellectual," though.

James Harris, Daily Caller:  "Millions of African Americans...aren't being heard when asking for safe neighborhoods or criticizing a welfare system that destroyed their families."

If they aren't being heard, how do we know they exist?  In fact, and I'm just guessing here, given that Trump's support among African Americans hovers between zero and one percent in most States, they don't exist.  But, what do I know?

Wayne Allen Root, American Thinker:  "That Angry White Males Have Every Right to be Angry"

Great.  Just do it somewhere  else, please.  Or to each other.

Michael Curtis, American Thinker:  "Two Problems for the Next President of the United States...They center on Vladimir Putin, the enigma of the East."

Funny, isn't it, that Michael got through this entire article without even mentioning the fact that Putin owns Donald Trump.  In fact, he never even mentioned Trump in the whole piece.

And let's just end this nonsense with the following:

Bruce Walker, American Thinker:  "The sound and sight of an old, fat, sick coughing woman beside a healthy and vigorous man speaking confidently and clearly can only hurt Hillary and help Trump.  Hillary's uncontrolled coughing will be the story coming out of the debate, no matter what the candidates actually said, and that will make her health an issue that may not go away until Election Day."

Bruce knows this because he can see into the future, and has already watched the first debate, in which Hillary falls to the floor in a fit, while several dozen "security" guys jab her with epi-pens from every direction.  Unable to control herself, she would then promptly revert to her real appearance as a lizard person from outer space.  That would sure put a damper on her campaign.

And you know, Hillary could put an end to all of this, with a letter from her doctor, maybe like the one who vouched for Trump's health:

Oh well, at least it answers the question of what this guy has been up to for the last couple of decades:

"the next day, the Trump campaign ought to say nothing more than "we hope Mrs. Clinton is doing better today, and we hope that she is able to well for the next debate."  Nothing snide, nothing editorial, and nothing more."

Because that would be Trump all over.

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