Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Geezer and His Fish

Apropos of nothing:
Well, we all get to do something to remember, at some time in our lives.

Well, maybe twice.


Magpie said...

Mate, that video insert of Trump talking crap in your earlier post auto-plays when you open the blog page, so I had that audio running over Clapton for several seconds there before I realised (Sunday morning not completely awake sorry). Anyway it was unholy.
Saw Clapton twice. Once in Australia when I was still a teen and then once at the Budokan in Tokyo. Something to remember.

Green Eagle said...

I am sorry to say that a Clapton concert I saw in the mid-1970's stands in my mind as probably the worst performance I ever saw. From the moment Eric came on stage, it was clear that he was so loaded with Heroin that he barely knew where he was. He could barely make it through 12 bars of one of his solos, and shamefully had hired another guitar player who stood in the semi-background, who finished his leads. At one point, a string broke on his guitar, and it confused him so badly that he just stood there staring off into space until a guitar tech came out and changed his guitar while he stood there doing nothing, and then resumed lamely trying to finish the song.

I guess he finally got off junk and recovered, but I will never forget that.

creepy tree said...

Well that's a shame. I saw the gigs in the mid 80s and mid 90s and they were very controlled performances.