Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Red Letter Day For Republicans

Tuesday is almost over, and it seems like Donald Trump has done nothing today to humiliate himself and his party.

I'm seeing a pattern here, by the way.  Trump basically managed to keep his mouth shut for the couple of weeks before the Republican convention.  I think that is because he was really afraid that they were going to dump him before he got his hands on the prize, and then he would be a LOSER, which his sick ego could never take.  But his real nature was bubbling just under the surface, and the minute the convention was over, he burst lose and vomited up all the hatred and bullying he had been fighting to contain for a few days.  Then he went too far, with the Khan thing and all, and woke up this morning with lots of Republicans questioning his sanity and basic human decency.  Today, he is again afraid that the party might still give him the heave ho, or that they might back away so far that he will lose in a humiliating rout in November.  So, he has put the cork in for a couple of days, but of course how long can that last?

Trump knows that the closer it gets to election day, the harder it will be for the party to walk away from him, so I suspect we are going to see successive cycles of piggishness unknown in national political circles, followed by short intervals in which he seems almost normal.  What will come of that?  We'll see.

He has made it perfectly clear a hundred times that his entire world view involves dividing people into winners and losers.  His conviction that he is one of the few winners is utterly essential to his well-being, and nothing is more important to him than to maintain that illusion.  When Trump feels threatened by abandonment by his supporters, he will do what he needs to in order to survive, but his lifelong need to demonstrate his dominance over everyone else will inevitably reassert himself, and we will have more episodes of his almost uncontrollably hateful behavior.


ez said...

He was doing fairly well until that crying kid showed up. First the nonsense where he plays nice to the kid and the parents. Then the real Donald breaks out and he mocks the mother by saying shenreally believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking.The audio money shot "that's ok, people don't understand" Yup Bonald, I've been trying to understand you myself.

Rich wacky Bully ?

Semi functional autistic?

Andy Kaufman playing a joke on the country he has been planning since 1984 by seeing how fucking crazy, rude and ignorant he can be and still have people support him?

Infidel753 said...

Sounds very plausible. And if so, if he somehow actually got elected president, he'd probably be even worse than he has been while campaigning, because he'd feel so powerful that he never had to restrain himself even for a short time.

Green Eagle said...

And the Republicans that scream that Obama is a dictator every time he tries to use perfectly normal powers of the President would be dancing with glee to have a "strong" leader who didn't give a damn about "political correctness," i.e. common humanity.