Friday, August 5, 2016

A Milestone In Self-Delusion at the New York Times

Yeah, and here it is:

"Donald J. Trump’s success with working-class whites has emboldened conservative thinkers to press their party to reshape its economic canon to more directly benefit workers it often takes for granted."

You mean, to find a new way to lie workers into thinking that the party gives a God damn about them? Because it has not for a hundred years, sacrificing them en masse in the 1920's in order to enrich further the already rich, knowing perfectly well what that would inevitably lead to in the end.*

“What it means to be a conservative is up for grabs,” said Reihan Salam, the executive editor of the conservative National Review."

All that is "up for grabs" is who can craft the biggest new lie to tell to their ignorant, hate-filled base, in the hope that we can have a few more decades of economic chaos, with the price always paid by anyone else than those who cause the problems.

As has been demonstrated by Thomas Piketty and his team, the United States is on a path to have, by 2030, the most unequal division of income between the rich and everyone else (forgive the caps, but I think it is permissible here) IN THE KNOWN HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

As Piketty points out, in every similar case of economic imbalance known to man, the result has been that either the rich give up most of their money, or there is a violent revolution.  And given the immense unlikelihood that the Koch brothers and their ilk will ever agree to a decent division of profits among those who work to create them, we are looking at an incredibly bleak future indeed, in response to which, all the New York Times has to offer us is a plea that the real masters of the Republican party come up with a better lie than the one that they seem, after decades of use, to have now worn out.

*And no nonsense now about how nobody knew that the Republicans were deliberately and knowingly creating a depression.  Plenty of people knew; they were just shut up lest they stop the rush to turn the country's wealth over to the rich.

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