Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Point Exactly

Daily Kos this morning, making a point that I have been trying to get people to accept for several years now:

"The week started with attacks on the Clinton foundation (which fizzled, to the consternation of many in the media and to the embarrassment of the AP) and ended with a scathing attack on Donald Trump’s anti-Semitic and racist connections...

But there is a reason why people like Rove and Trump employ this tactic: the media buys it. For example, here are some of the headlines emanating from yesterday:

ABC: Clinton, Trump Tangle Over RacismWashington Post: Clinton, Trump exchange racially charged accusationsCNN: Clinton says Trump leading ‘hate movement’; he calls her a ‘bigot’Politico: Trump and Clinton throw more blows in bigotry fight

In other words, projection isn’t just a psychological defense mechanism anymore. It is a political strategy used to ensure that the media reports moments like this as a “he said/she said” that is the basis of bothsiderism. It works."

Let me make this clear:  "Projection" is not what is going on here.  Projection is a psychological problem, not a cynical political strategy.  And more importantly, because this article still does not make the key point, what is happening here is not Republicans duping the press, it is Republicans acting in collaboration with the press, which is owned by Republicans and is determined to interpret Democratic truth-telling about Republicans, and Republican lies about Democrats as exactly the same.

There is not an informed person in the country, including all of the reporters for the mainstream media, who does not know absolutely, that the stories about the Clinton foundation are lies, and that the evidence that Trump is a monster is all over the place.  Yet they repeat the charges from both sides, over and over again as though they deserve equal weight.

This is a perfect way to kill a free society.  And they are well along in their campaign to do just that.

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Jerry Critter said...

I find the tossing of the same charges back and forth between Clinton and Trump interesting. They both are using the same source for the charges -- Trump's own words. Clinton uses Trump's actual statements. Trump just says his charges are true because he knows, but offers no evidence. He wants you to just believe what he says.

So does Clinton! She wants you to believe what he says too.