Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Here we go again. God, it's piling up fast:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "WaPo: Trump Has A Path To 270 And Yes–His Electoral Roadmap Is Better Than The One For Cruz"

Well, the Washington Post didn't say this, they quoted Mitt Romney, who said it.  And we all know what Mitt Romney knows about a path to 270.  And by the way, Matt, Cruz got beat in the primaries, so he isn't running any more, in case you didn't notice.  So you might as well triumphantly tell us that Trump has a clearer path to the White House than Pauly Shore.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "When It Comes To Gold Star Families, The Media Only Covers Them When They Help Democrats"

This refers to the press' ignoring a speech by one Pat Vespa, the mother of someone who died at Benghzai.  In that speech she openly blamed Hillary for his death.  In response, Hillary said that she could understand the anguish of a parent of a dead soldier, and wouldn't hold it against her.  Trump and his people, of course, attacked the parents of a dead soldier, and accused them and the soldier too of being agents of Islamic terrorism.  What the press is covering is not the speeches, both of which would have been soon forgotten, but the response from the two candidates.  Trump has no one to blame but himself for this.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Did #NeverTrumpers Hear Hillary Clinton's Frightening Speech?" 

Hillary Clinton's frightening speech.  Dennis, the single most intellectually dishonest talk show host in all of radio, counts on the wingnut readers of Town Hall to have not listened to Hillary's speech, so he can tell any lie he wants about it, confident that they will lap it up.  More from this jackass:

But it is vital to understand what will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. This country will be so far from what the Founding Fathers wanted, so different from what the #NeverTrumpers have always fought for, that it is almost impossible to see how America could recover from her -- or any Democrat's -- victory."

Could America recover from Trump's victory and the fascism and wars that will follow?  No word from Dennis about that.

"For example, if Clinton wins, the government will tell companies how much employees must be paid"

It's called the minimum wage, Dennis.  Not exactly an invention of Hillary's (the first minimum wage laws date to an English ordinance in 1349, and American minimum wages came from the FDR administration) and one of the greatest Democratic contributions to the security of working people in our country's history.  No wonder Dennis regards it as an abomination.

"If you think this is unconstitutional, remember that it won't matter because she will appoint left-wing Supreme Court justices"

The damned law has been around for nearly 80 years, with Republicans fighting it every step of the way.  If, after all of that, you think it is unconstitutional, you are brain dead.  Anyway, enough of this idiot.  Let's move on:

Pat Buchanan, Town Hall:  "Is Trump the Peace Candidate?"

Yes, Pat really asked that, and what's more, he answered it in the affirmative, claiming that if Trump gave up our commitment to NATO and basically let Russia take however much of Eastern Europe it wanted, it would mean peace in our time.  In other news, Trump got his first intelligence briefing a couple of days ago, and in the one hour briefing, asked the experts three times if there is anything to stop him from using nuclear weapons.  Now, back to Pat:

"Today, Beltway hawks want to bring Ukraine into NATO. This would mean that America would go to war with Russia, if necessary, to preserve an independence Bush I regarded as "suicidal."  Have we lost our minds?

Is it really so outrageous for Trump to ask how long the U.S. is to be responsible for defending rich Europeans who refuse to conscript the soldiers or pay the cost of their own defense"

Well, it is pretty outrageous, Pat, to ask if its okay to let Putin have whatever he wants, in order to have peace.  It is so obvious that I almost hate to bring this up, but Republicans are always comparing some damned thing Democrats do of being exactly like Neville Chamberlain at Munich.  How's this for a real example:  Let dictators have what they want today, and they won't want anything tomorrow.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Here's What Eric Trump Had to Say About His Father's Feud With the Khan Family"

Who fucking cares? Really.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Just weeks after the FBI issued an indictmentless indictment of Hillary Clinton over her “extremely careless” behavior using a private email server to both send and receive classified information, the Democratic nominee has decided it would be funny to mock Donald Trump for wanting more secure military communications."

A really stupid article, which I only bring up because of the term "indictmentless indictment."  See, even though she is innocent, she is guilty.  Why, of course she is.  In the meantime, Trump is just fine collaborating with Russian spies to win an election, and facing a major fraud trial in the near future.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Speaking at a campaign rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Monday, GOP nominee Donald Trump said Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton was a “bad deal,” and described the Democratic nominee as the “devil.”

Since Leah did not have a word to say against this, I assume she agrees.  But of course, she has some company in this:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Speaking Truth to Power=> Donald Trump on Hillary: “She’s the Devil!” 

It's literally true.  She's really Satan.  You know what, if I were Satan, I wouldn't really dress myself in a Hillary costume, I'd go for Scarlett Johanssen or something.  Actually, from everything I've heard, Scarlett Johanssen may really be Satan, but that's a discussion for another time.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Trump on the NYT: “They Don’t Write Good.”

Not much more to say about that, Leon.  I get your point.

Andrew J. Bostom, PJ Media:  "Khan-flict: Freedom Fighter Son, Sharia Supremacist Father"

They just won't stop stabbing themselves in the back.

K. Daniel Glover, PJ Media:  "My Father Is Jehovah – And I Know Him Thanks to My Dad"

Someone needs to grow up.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Barack Obama Rips Ignorant, Indecent, “Woefully Unprepared” Donald Trump for SIX MINUTES at Presser...Obama Has Trump on the Brain"

SIX MINUTES!!!  Well, no one ever said Jim has a long attention span.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Why Does America Love Trump? Because Liberal Media Hacks Are Nasty Pathetic Liars"

Okay, now I understand it.  They don't like liberal reporters, so they will turn the country over to a traitorous fascist dictator.  Seems a little extreme to me, but what do I know?

Tabitha Korol, Renew America:  "By sermonizing to the American people on gun control, gay rights, racial discrimination, our police and armed forces, climate change, transgender bathrooms, immigration, etc., Obama pits one faction of the community against the other."

You got that right, Tabitha.  Obama "pits" decent people who care about others, against hate-filled greedy bastards.  I guess we can pretty much figure out what side you are on.  And I bet you didn't know this:

"Divisiveness exists in school textbooks because Hillary Clinton ("it takes a village") and President Obama implemented the Common Core curriculum that supports Islam while suppressing Judaism, Christianity, and Americanism."

Let me count the lies, about this program, which dates to work in the 1990's:

No, on second thought, why bother?

Curtis Dahlgren, Renew America:  "DNC: Pity Party becomes the Party of the Constitution(?)"

Actually, I could care less what this jackass said.  I just included this item so I could put up Curtis' picture:

Apparently, he thinks he is Abraham Lincoln. On a really bad day.  Oh well, at least he took the tinfoil off before taking the picture.

This used to be the sort of thing that put you in the loony bin.  Now it gets you a paid job hallucinating in public for the Republican party.  No wonder Ronald Reagan was so in favor of closing the mental hospitals.

Michael Gaynor, Renew America:  "Trump is no George W. Bush"

That's for sure.  George W. Bush wouldn't be stupid enough to act like Trump.  And man, that's saying something.

"Trump realized that Mr. Kahn is a provocateur who should not be ignored, lest silence be perceived as a sign of acquiescence or guilty."


Jim Warishuk, American Thinker:  "it is time to speak out on the Anti-Trump Political Media Show.  What went on last weekend mainly on CNN and Sunday news/talk shows is an outrage.  The liberal media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton, and they know it.  First of all the Khans stood on the stage of the DNC and not only told their story, but savagely attacked Mr. Trump.  They said two things that were way out of bounds: the first, that Mr. Trump has made no sacrifice, and the second, that Mr. Trump never read the Constitution."

Those were way out of bounds, but Trump literally claiming that Hillary is Satan is just fine.

Richard Henry Lee:  "Did Russian program Hillary helped to establish hack into DNC emails?"

Boy, there's a real standout in the Republican lie contest.

Steve Guest, Daily Caller:  "Giuliani: Trump Should Attack Hillary, I’ll ‘Attack Everybody Else’

Really? Everyone else?  Man, I'm telling my wife to stay inside.  And the dogs too, just to play it safe.

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller:  "Trump Proposes Infrastructure Plan Double The Size Of Clinton's"

Twice the size.  TWICE the size!!!  Yup!

"Republican nominee Donald Trump proposed an infrastructure program totaling more than half a trillion dollars Tuesday, claiming it will be paid by a “fund” that “investors” and “citizens” would put money into."

A fund.  A fund that people would give money to, for some reason.  That's a really serious plan.  And in this breaking news, Green Eagle proposes an infrastructure plan totalling more than ten thousand times Hillary's, to be paid for by Mexico, after they get done building the wall, or maybe by Martians.

"It is unclear whether citizens putting money into a “fund” is a euphemism for a tax increase."

No it's not.  It's a euphemism for "I've got nothing, so I'll just tell one more gigantic lie about what I'll do if elected."

James B. Robbins, Daily Caller:  "Democrats Admit Trump Is 'On To Something'"

Not quite right, James.  What Democrats agree about is that Trump is "on something."  What a difference a little two letter word makes.

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Bill Burr's NSFW Rant Explains Why Hillary's Celeb Endorsements Are 'The Stupidest F****g Thing Ever'

Stupider than being endorsed by Chachi and an underwear model?  I don't think so.

Paul McGuire, News with Views:  "Don't Surrender To The World Brain"

You mean like this?

I know Republicans are running a fear based campaign this year, but I think Paul is carrying it a little too far.

Kelleigh Nelson, News with Views:  "Donald J. Trump Upset the Applecart of Racism 30 Years Ago"

Martin Luther King?  The Civil Rights movement, Lyndon Johnson and the Civil Rights act?  The fair housing act?  None of those things accomplished anything.  Our nation's wonderful state of total racial harmony was single-handedly created by Donald J. Trump.  Yup, that's what Kelleigh said.  I kid you not.

Devvy Kidd, News with Views:  "Bill and Hill's Convention: Beyond Obscene...What hubris Bill & Hillary displayed during their speeches at the DNC convention"

By, apparently, thinking they deserve to take some satisfaction in being a former, very successful President, and a Senator and Secretary of State.  Since they are Democrats, they should feel shame at having done that, and thus stealing the jobs from the Republicans that deserved them.

Pastor Robert Anghis, News with Views:  "The New America ...If anyone questions whether we are in the last days they must not be paying attention"

Or else they are sane.  Being a Republican, Pastor, you can be forgiven to be unfamiliar with sane people.

God, enough! This stuff is just gushing out of them these days.  Can Green Eagle keep pace, or will he be trampled by the herd?  Stay tuned to find out.


Magpie said...

"This country will be so far from what the Founding Fathers wanted..."

I don't mean to offend, here, with my foreigner's irreverence... but didn't the last of them die off 180 years ago and didn't some of them own slaves? Surely what they mostly wanted was money, booze and skirt. They were just men.

I doubt one person in the United Kingdom gives a fuck what King George III wanted.

Most people in Western civilisation do not feel beholden to an interpretation of the will of dead people they read about in school. They might be appreciative of their suffering and their efforts... but that's it, then they go and deal with their own aspirations in their own day and age.
'Freedom', in other words.

Marc said...

I think the picture with Hillary Clinton wearing blue is the thing that is setting off the whole "She's the devil" line. I mean, when you reach back to a song popular in 1966 (and used in the 1990 movie "Repossessed") to describe her, your target demographic isn't exactly young or mainstream. Pretty sure most of the Trump supporters are older, but I'm not sure how they'd sort out as fans of Linda Blair comedy movies...

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, of course right wingers don't give a God damn what the Constitution says, unless they can twist it in order to pretend that it means what they want it to. The second amendment is a classic example- the writers of the amendment left detailed explanations of what it means, which the right wingers totally ignore, in favor of utter rubbish that they made up themselves. For them, the Constitution is just something to bash liberals with, confident that none of their followers is intelligent or informed enough to know that they are lying. Or, as Wingnut Wrapup was started to demonstrate, standard operating procedure for Republicans.

And Marc, perhaps you are thinking of this?

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels- I remember them well from back in the day.

Marc said...

Green Eagle: Yes, that is the song. Original was released in 1964, but it didn't chart. I still don't think the Trump supporters ever saw "Repossessed", so I'm going with the idea that they were around when this song was popular.