Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump is Winning the News Wars

As Democrats have their laughs every day at the preposterous and disgusting things that Trump and his surrogates have to say for themselves, they are totally missing the key fact in all of this: the outpouring of hatred is accomplishing exactly what it is intended to.

In the first place, as Trump has said, nothing he does can make the 35% of voters that are committed to supporting him turn their backs on him.  So there is just no downside to his infantile displays.

But there is a big upside, and it is not that he thinks he is going to convince any of us to suddenly become white racist haters.  Hillary is running, or trying to run, a fact based campaign.  When voters have a chance to hear what she is really proposing, the vast majority of them are going to be sympathetic to it.  But they are apparently never going to hear it, because Trump, counting on the collaboration of the mainstream press, has figured out a way to monopolize the news coverage, so Hillary will never get a chance to have her message heard.  Instead, it is his intention to see that people are fed a steady diet of "Hillary is on her deathbed," "The Clinton foundation is some sort of massive corrupt conspiracy,"  "e-mails, e-mails, e-mails," "Benghazi!!!"  and endless other even uglier lies, between now and November.

And so far, it's working.  There is not a sign that the mainstream press thinks it is their job to provide the American people with actual information about the candidates.  Instead, they've decided to go to the circus, and stay there.  So the coverage is barely above that accorded to the Republican primary argument about the size of the candidates' penises.

And don't think this will not take its toll.  Look at the way their single-minded two decade campaign to portray Bill and Hillary as corrupt criminals has taken its toll, or how many people they have, unbelievably enough, convinced that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. If they can just get a few percent more voters to fall for their miserable backstabbing, we will be right back where we were a few months ago, before people started to see what a conniving crook Trump is, and then, with the collaboration of the press, and a little strategic cheating, we might indeed be facing a Trump Presidency.


Grung_e_Gene said...

So the question is: why do conservatives sell themselves so cheap? They've been voting for Republicans for 35 years and getting nothing. Is Trump's unabashed racism really worth it for them?

Marc said...

Grunt_e_Gene: The GOP has pulled the football away from its base so much, that the base thinks it has wised up and backed a candidate who can deliver what they think they want. He has picked up the bullhorn, and is blasting what the GOP has been dog whistling for the last 40 or so years. The people backing him figure that he is the real deal, and won't let anything stop him from doing what the GOP hasn't been able to accomplish. It doesn't matter that without both Houses of Congress behind him, he'll be similar to 'el Presidente' from Tropico - and he'll not have Tourettes to help boost the national treasury.