Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Step Into Darkness

I wish to make a comment about Trump's recent statements, encouraging the assassination of Hillary, and also trying to create a national body of "observers" to show up at polling places.

One of the characteristics that has, so far, separated the Trump campaign from traditional fascist movements like those of Hitler and Mussolini, is that they almost always involved the creation of a private army to enforce the will of the leader.  We have, of course, the SA in Germany, and the black shirts in Italy as examples.

This is one of the main reasons that I have had reservations about comparing Trump too closely with previous fascist rulers.  Remember that it was the chaos created by the SA, and by the black shirts' march on Rome, that were major contributing factors in both Hitler's and Mussolini's ascendance.

However, I now wonder if, facing humiliation in a fair contest, and looking toward the future (remember, the Nazis never won a national election in Germany until Hitler was appointed Reichchancellor, and eliminated all other parties,) he isn't now beginning the attempt to create such an extra-judicial army to get his way, regardless of the decision of the voters.  This would certainly remove one of the last significant distinctions between Trump and Hitler, and would be the point at which, I suggest, there is far more in play than who wins an election.


Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps Trump is calling up the militias that the 2nd amendment talks about. Oh wait, those are well regulated militias.

Green Eagle said...

Judging from his behavior the last few months, Trump may have a considerably different notion of what the term "well regulated" means than the rest of us do.

Jerry Critter said...

Yes. Trump thinks well regulated means doing what he wants. A well regulated militia will do what he wants, just like a free press will only say good things about him.

Grung_e_Gene said...

When Trump is crushed in the Election and Republicans downticket suffer massive defeats, what guarantee do we have he will aceept the result? It's more likely he'll declare the election stolen by HRC, Voters, and the Media. At that point will Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell disavow him? Or will they declare the election results invalid and set up a Republican controlled shadow government?

Green Eagle said...

Well, I would not at all put it beyond him. However, as you know, I've been keeping my eyes on hard right attempts to overthrow the government for years, and whether you are talking about the Bundys or Larry Klayman's ludicrous attempts to amass a mob to throw Obama out of the White House, or other such things, they inevitably end up in such miserable failure that I think these people are just massively deluding themselves about how many people will really get off their butts and get out there to do anything that involves personal risk in any way.