Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump Accomplishes His Plan?

Hillary gave an important speech today, outlining a very progressive economic program which would appeal to a vast majority of American workers and their families- if they ever heard about it.  Instead, all they hear about is the latest in Trump's daily sequence of psychotic delusions, presented and discussed as though they had the slightest shred of rationality or even meaning at all.

Is this a cynical plot to prevent Hillary from having a chance to show the American people that the she is not the evil witch that Republican propaganda has spent twenty years conjuring up out of nothing?  If so, it may very well be working.

Or is it, as it appears, the disintegration of a mentally disturbed megalomaniac, falling apart in front of the whole country?

Well, I'd guess it's both.  A deeply disturbed, out of control maniac can still have moments of extreme cunning; and when he has absolutely no ethical brakes at all, what you get may be very much like Trump.

As I have said about Hitler, Trump is basically a boring person (except, obviously to himself.)  The real interest lies in how so many people can so prostitute themselves as to be willing to give power to this guy in return for chimerical and patently worthless promises that he is, through absolutely unspecified means, going to solve their problems.

In this regard, Hitler was actually better than Trump.  His massive rearmament program did provide a great deal of employment in the middle of a depression, and he channeled his evil bullying in a manner that actually produced victories in the Rhineland, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia, at almost no cost.  The price that the German people had to pay for that early success was, of course, horrible, but I guess you could say that the current American pack of suckers are buying into a future of disaster, without even the minimal, temporary rewards that Hitler was able to offer.

At least Trump is proving that Barnum was wrong when he said that there is a sucker born every minute.  It seems like there are about a thousand of them born every second in this country.


Jerry Critter said...

There is no question that Trump dominates the new cycles. A train wreck collects a bigger audience than a train that stays on the tracks.

Jerry Critter said...

Or perhaps I should say the shit collects more flys.

Poll P. said...

You yourself have said that Right Wingers listen to demagogues for the thrill of having their emotions and instincts stimulated. It's a kind of masturbation. The actual meaning of the leader's rant is immaterial--it's only the hate/passion/anger etc with which it's delivered that matters. So they can give the same rant every day for years, and the audience is still satisfied, cause they got off.

Green Eagle said...

Well, there is that, Poll.

And Jerry, I can't prove this, but I suspect there is a "crazy like a fox" aspect to the train wreck- Trump is desperately trying to keep the American people from seeing the real Hillary, so they go into the voting booths in November still clinging to the hateful lies about her that the Republicans have spent two decades propagating.