Monday, August 29, 2016

The Penis Tweeter Rides Again!

Anthony Weiner!  I mean, what a name.  If there is a silver lining to all of this, it is that he wasn't named Anthony Asshole, or we would really have some ugly pictures out there.

So, here's the thing.  Mr. Weiner decided that this was a great time to get up to his former habits, what with his wife in the middle of helping to run a Presidential candidate's race.  And of all the women on earth to send his pathetic tweets to, he had to pick "a “self-avowed supporter of Donald Trump."  No, really.  And then he sent her pictures of himself on a bed with his small son.  Boy, that is really designed to arouse a strange woman, huh?

Well, here is my explanation of all this.  I admit that I have no proof except what all of us must know in our hearts.  This was not an accident, nor another random disgusting act.  Weiner is obviously a very sick narcissist.  As such, it is inevitable that he would find a way to blame his downfall on his wife, and her close friend Hillary.  So, here is his revenge- doing what he can to humiliate Huma and Hillary, and do whatever damage he can to Hillary's campaign, even at the price of showing the world what a pathetic specimen of a man he is. He has come to hate his wife, and her supportive friend Hillary, so much, that he is willing to end any shred of hope that he might rehabilitate himself in the public eye, in order to hurt them both.

An ugly spectacle, by an ugly person.  Tell me I'm wrong, despite my lack of "smoking gun" evidence.  You won't because I am not wrong.

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