Friday, August 26, 2016

The Press Casts Their Vote

Things I heard yesterday:

ABC News providing a detailed, absolutely fabricated account of Hillary's charitable activities, straight out of the Trump campaign.  They treated Trump's smears and the actual, well known truth as equally likely to be true, and when called out on it, weaseled around and still refused to state openly that they were purveying lies.

NPR:  I heard them while I was driving to work, discussing the lying Trump accusations against the Clinton foundation as equally likely to be true or false, with the clear implication that we just can't trust someone who has all these rumors swirling around her.  And again, I must repeat what we all know perfectly well: not one person who touched this story has a shred of doubt that it is a monstrous lie, but they repeat it anyway because...because that is what they get paid to do.

And now, we hear about more e-mails from Hillary; e-mails which no one in the press has ever seen, but that does not stop them from reporting with a tone which clearly implies that they are going to reveal some horrible misdeeds.  So, when, like every similar story for three years, this one turns out to be about nothing, the press will just forget about it and report about even more e-mails, which may or may not even exist, but which will surely, finally, provide the smoking-gun evidence that Hillary, who has survived two decades of these lies, is a horrible witch.

So, totally fabricated stories about mythical evildoing by Hillary continue to grab the attention of the mainstream media, day after day, month after month, year after year, without ever once paying off, pushing out of the news things like this:

Donald Trump is in league with the spy service of the world's worst dictator.
Trump supports destroying our NATO commitments.
Trump's whole business life has been an endless succession of criminal deals and failures.
Trump is openly courting the worst sort of American racists, and there is only one explanation for this- that Trump is a race hater himself, with a long family and personal history of racism.
Trump is promoting the most disgusting hatred and violence among his American base.

I could go on and on here, but let me stop to point out that this is exactly how the country ended up with George W. Bush as president:  the mainstream press chose to endlessly promote a series of lies and smears against Al Gore, while utterly ignoring the obvious fact that Bush would make the worst President in our history.

And let's forget about the nonsense that this is because the press loves a horse race, or that reporters are all operating on the emotional level of middle school bullies.  This all dates to Ronald Reagan's successful efforts to see to it that virtually the entire mainstream media could be bought up by a handful of gigantic corporations, who use them, as they use everything they control, to the personal short term advantage of their top management, regardless of the easily predictable result.

I can't believe the people who watch this and still blame it on the psychological deficiencies of reporters and opinion writers.  I wonder, didn't any of these people ever have a job?  And if they did, did they do what they wanted to do, or what their bosses paid them to do?  And it is the same with the members of our press here in the United States.  It is dedicated solely to advancing the interests of a few hundred rich families, and one of the principal means of achieving that is to make sure that the clear truth is kept out of the hands of voters.  Thus, Hillary is a crooked, dishonest, self-serving creep, but the traitor Trump is probably someone we'd all like to have a beer with, so let's put him in the White House.

As I've said over and over again, the Democrats could wipe the Repubican party off the face of the earth without hardly trying, but they cannot defeat the Republicans and the press working together, and that is what we are facing today.  Well, maybe they've gone a step too far when they let Trump take the Republican nomination, but we thought the same thing with Bush, and with Reagan too, a couple of guys who were frighteningly unsuited to be President.  We got them anyway, and we might get Trump too.  In my opinion, this would really be the end of the great American experiment in self-governing, but to the people behind the Republican party and the press, that would be a good thing, as long as it isn't too obvious.

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Poll P. said...

If we get the white house and senate back, I hope some laws will be passed to change this situation. What would they be?