Monday, August 22, 2016

It's About the Ads

I want to take the opportunity to discuss something that my wife observed, which I totally missed; and about which I think she is one hundred percent right.

First, let me say that she had a 25 year career as a feature film trailer maker, ending up as a senior executive in creative advertising at one of the major motion picture studios, so she knows something about the subject.

Her remark had to do with two recent Trump events- his delivering a seemingly accommodating speech about black Americans, in front of a totally white audience, and his useless appearance in Baton Rouge after the flooding there.  She attributes both of these events to the new presence of ex-adman Roger Ailes in Trump's campaign.  Her notion is that neither of these events had anything to do with the live or TV audiences that saw them this week, but that both of them were nothing but stockpiling footage to be used in campaign spots in October, portraying Trump as a humane, serious candidate.  As someone who was involved in many special shoots and audience reaction spots for movies, she said she recognized what was going on immediately.

Well, we won't have to wait long to see if she is right, which, by the way, I am sure she is.  Just one more cynical manipulation of public opinion by Republicans.


Jennie K said...

Is the story of you and your wife one of "opposites attract"?

Green Eagle said...

No, the story of me and my wife is "What the hell did she ever see in him?"

The Wife said...

Just what I've been saying, from the NYT today...
"Republican pollsters and strategists speculate that Mr. Trump’s newfound attention to blacks and inner-city conditions is aimed less at actually vying for African-American support than at softening his image among suburban whites who might otherwise be receptive to him but are loath to vote for someone seen as racist."