Monday, August 1, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's Wingnut Wrapup wants to give a special congratulations to Trump spokesmen, who are now accusing Khizr Khan, the father of the dead American soldier who spoke at the Democratic convention, of being an agent of Islamic terrorists, and some who have gone so far as to suggest that his son was actually a Muslim terrorist himself, who was killed in the process of trying to carry out a bombing plot against Americans.  There is just nothing so low that Republicans won't say it.

So, let's just start out with the important issues facing us:


Well, Michael, luckily for you, if they are, there is still somewhere you can go to seek refuge from this abomination:  the territory controlled by ISIS.  Green Eagle will send you a few bucks to help buy your one way ticket, if it will help out.  Mr. Bresciani helpfully provides us with this tidbit of information:

"It is thought by some that the world’s coming final dictator, the anti-Christ, will also be a homosexual."

Who the "some" are, he never gets around to saying, but given the fact that believing in the antichrist, no matter what kind of sex he might like, is a sign of mental disorder, who really cares?  Until Michael starts shooting people, of course, something which is only a short time away, I'm sure.

And now, this important information

Donald Trump:  "I have one of the great temperaments of all time."

Glad to get that settled.


Will it to surprise you to know that one implication that Roger is not worried about is the fact that the Republican candidate for President is a traitor in league with the spies of the world's worst dictator?


Yeah, they were, as much as you'd like to deny the fact.  They beat your guys bloody.  Deal with it.  Lee claims that the whole Democratic convention is rendered a totally abominable irrelevance, because Bill Clinton got a blow job about twenty years ago.  No word on the implications of the fact that the Republicans have been screwing the American people for a century.

Cliff Kincaid, Barb Wire:  "The idea that Mrs. Clinton and the DNC have been victimized by Putin is absurd. This isn’t Putin’s fault. It’s the fault of the DNC. They didn’t maintain security over their email operations."

If you left your wallet on your hall table, it's your fault if I walk into your house and steal it, not mine.  A funny sort of view from a website that is supposedly motivated by religion.

Justin Holcomb, Town Hall:  "Trump Hits General Who Endorsed Clinton, "Failed Badly in His Fight Against ISIS"

So much for respect for our military.  One more thing the Republicans have ceded to the Democrats.  Of course, the Republicans never really believed what they were saying anyway, did they?  If they really cared, they would, for example, adequately funded the VA, instead of slashing their funds, and then when veterans could not get appointments fast enough, blaming the Democrats.  And they would have not sent thousands of American troops to Iraq to die so Dick Cheney could make forty million dollars.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Analysis: Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America"

That would, of course, be Hillary.  Because Trump's hate-filled bullying just radiates charm. Whatever, Guy.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Clinton Accepts Dem Nomination Proving That You Too Could Be President…If You Marry A President First"

Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination, proving that you too could be President...if you were born rich and a lying, treasonous  thug.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Which Candidate’s Convention Speech Will Sound the Best a Month from Now?"

I guess you are giving up on the issue of which candidate's speech sounds the best right now, Leon.  Because there are literally speeches by Mussolini that sound better than Trump's deranged ranting.

Stephen Cruiser, PJ Media:  "Brooks: A Martian Watching Would Think Democrats Are More Patriotic, Conservative"

So, what's your point?  I mean, really, so would any sane person.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "JAMES O’KEEFE ASSAULTED – THROWN TO GROUND During Undercover Op at DNC"

Too fucking bad, Jim.  It couldn't be better unless they got you at the same time.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Venezuela’s Socialist Government Passes New Law Forcing Minions to Work in Fields"

Which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with constant Republican attempts for forty years to force poor people to work for welfare or food stamps.  NOTHING, I tell you!

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Simply the Worst=> Obama is FIRST PRESIDENT EVER to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth"

Jim is just so well informed.  Here's a little chart that he apparently missed:

See that time before Roosevelt took over, when the Republican President saw a decrease of 70% in one year?   I guess that is so long ago that it isn't really part of history.  And note that the last five drops of 10% occurred under Republicans.  I can't get into a rant about Thomas Piketty* here, but the fact is that the entire world is never again likely to see sustained growth rates above 3%, except in the wake of devastating wars or depressions.  Of course, what Jim Hoft knows about economics is exactly nothing, so I'll just drop the issue here.

And now a right wing contest:

PJ Media:  Caption This!"Donald Trump Hold Babies" just doesn't capture the magic of this moment."

How about "Honey, I'm coming home with dinner."  Or maybe, "Have I got a nasty surprise for you two, once I'm in power."

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Wow! Media Missed This=> Did Hillary Suffer Another Seizure After Her DNC Speech?"

And Jim stays well in the lead for the Biggest Right Wing Asshole of the Year.  Of course, Jim wins that award practically every year.  The Republican candidate for President sure is giving him a run for his money this time around, so who knows?

Byron York, Renew America:  "Dem convention-goers predict Dem win; GOP convention-goers predict Dem win, too"

Life's tough, buddy.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "More Viewers Tuned In to Watch Trump's Speech Than Clinton's"

Yeah, and they gave it the worst Gallup poll rating of any speech they had ever looked at.  Forgot to mention that, Leah.  For your information, by the way, more people watch pro wrestling than watch CSPAN too.  So what?

Wayne Grudem, Town Hall:  "Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice"

Because decency is dead?  Or just irony?

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Should We Even Try to Win the Voters You can Only Reach with Lies?"

Leon, Leon...they're the only voters you have.

And here's a cute poll:

Doesn't it comfort you to know that 61% of Republicans now believe that espionage against the United States by our biggest enemy is okay, if it helps them get into power?

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner:  "Trump allows Clinton to take patriotic, pro-military, religious, anti-authoritarian ground"

Well, that was mighty big of him.  He allowed her to set the terms of her own campaign.  I guess he is already our national dictator, and shouldn't have let her do that.  He should have made her campaign on the basis of making Satan the Secretary of State, and forcing everyone to use the same bathroom.

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "NETWORKS' BIAS IN CONVENTION COVERAGE EXPOSED...The Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes, in a posting on Newsbusters, reports ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC portrayed the GOP negatively 63 times, while there were only five such references regarding the Democrats."

And I wonder why that is, Bob.

World Net Daily:  "DOJ: Confederate-flag tattoo is 'evidence of racial animus'

Making that claim is a deeply offensive abuse to right wingers, and just more proof that Democrats are the real racists.

Nelson Hultberg, News with Views:  "Trumpians Prepare to Save America...He has pledged to make us great again, safe again, strong again, and proud again"

Well, he sure has promised that.  We are anxiously awaiting a single clue about how that will happen if we are stupid enough to elect him.  Just a minor detail, I guess.  I mean, he is the greatest person in the history of the world, so we should just trust him.  Because he is so well known for never saying anything that is false.

And now, time for some right wing humor:

Their dream: that they could have Pence running against Kaine- two people that, basically, no one knows a thing about.  That way, they could break out the lie machine big time.  Sorry, Republicans, you're stuck with the guy you picked.

Paul Jacob, Town Hall, trying to contain the Trump-Khizr Khan disaster:  "My only disagreement with Khan is that he went on to endorse Hillary Clinton, who I fear would do enormous harm to America — not the least of which may be adding gravestones to Arlington Cemetery from foolish Middle East interventions."

Adding gravestones to Arlington Cemetery from foolish Middle East interventions...something a Republican would never do, amirite?  God, these people have no self-awareness.

And now, a glimpse of justice under a Trump administration:

Kevin McCulloch, Town Hall:  "Why A Murderer Says, ‘I’m With HER!'   One of the real scumbags on America's death row is pulling for Hillary Clinton. 

I don’t have official confirmation of this mind you."

No.  In fact Kevin has no confirmation of any kind that this is true.  We do, however, have confirmation that a mass murderer by the name of Vladimir Putin is for Trump. No comment from Kevin about that; I guess he's saving it for later.  Want a little more?

"Why would we as a nation stake our reputation to a woman whose belief system lines up with a convicted murderer on death row?"

Not that it does, of course, but I'd really like Kevin to explain why we should stake our nation's fate to a man who is aligned with a murderous foreign dictator, and who is openly collaborating with that dictator's spies.

Steve Chapman, Town Hall:  "How Race Relations Got Worse"

Obama.  It's all his fault.  Because he didn't convince white race haters to change their ways.  In fact, seeing him in the White House only made them worse, which is clearly his fault.

"Having an African-American in the White House made race an inescapable part of discussions that once could skate over it."

Until Obama, white people could go on doing anything they wanted to black people, and all the other white people could just ignore it.  That was a better time, right?  When America was still great?

"Even Obama's departure may not soothe this white group...If Hillary Clinton becomes president, it's possible that white anxiety will subside. But the impatience of blacks, deprived of the solace of Obama, may only grow."

Those damned blacks and their impatience.  Don't they understand that equality is for their great grandchildren...maybe?  Second class citizenship should be just fine for them.

And now another superb bit of Conservative logic:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Study: Law-Abiding Firearm Owners Really Don't Commit Gun Crimes"

Matt, I hope they didn't spend a lot of money figuring that out.  Isn't it sort of true by definition?

And let's just move on to another great sign of Conservative values:

Matt Klavan, PJ Media:  "Who's Worse: Trump's Neo-Nazis or Clinton's Press?"

Well, what do you think the answer is going to be?  I mean, really, how would Matt have made it into Wingnut Wrapup if he said Nazis were worse than reporters?

"The answer seems obvious: the journalists are worse than the neo-Nazis."

Another little sign of what would be coming under a Trump administration.  Nazis-okay.  Reporters- kill them all.

Walter Hudson, PJ Media:  "Abstinence Is Sexy. No, Seriously.  It's not about denying yourself. It's about truly indulging."

They'll believe anything.

Andrew C. McCarthy, Renew America:  "No, the Constitution does not bar 'religious tests' in immigration law "

And who ever said it did?  What bars religious tests in immigration law is common human decency, something they have never heard of at Renew America.

David Kupelian, Word Net Daily:  "Final days: Obama scheme becomes dark reality"

I can't wait to hear about this:

"If you were Barack Obama – a Marxist revolutionary disguised as a Democrat– what would you be doing right now?  No need to guess. Obama adviser Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, clearly sums up the mission of Team Obama in the home stretch of his transformative presidency.  Muñoz’s entire focus, she boasts, is making sure Obama’s controversial policies are permanently “institutionalized” so they will live on long after she and her boss are gone from the White House"

Seeing that the President's work lives on- a traitorous, Marxist attack on America.

Jesse Lee Peterson, World Net Daily:  "Needed: Movement to shame black parents, Democrats"

Shame those black parents!  SHAME them!!!  Because, when they became parents, they made more black thugs!!!  SHAME THEM, I tell you!  SHAME THEM!!!!!   Because there just isn't enough lying and hatred in the country yet.

No word, of course, on shaming Republicans who support a racist traitor for President.


Not saying it is, of course, just asking.  It could be.

World Net Daily:  "Polygamists describe how to live with 27 wives"

I bet none of them are from New Jersey.  Because he does not seem to have two perpetual black eyes.

Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker:  "Proof that we live in interesting times: It may fall to Vladimir Putin to save the United States"

If so, you'd better start learning Russian, dumbass.  You'll side with anyone so you can keep backing the traitor Trump.

*His book, "Capital in the 21st Century" is a very hard read, but probably the most important economic/political work of the last half century.  I'm not that big a fan of Amazon, but here is a link to where you can buy the Kindle or print version:

This book is based on the analysis of the greatest collection of worldwide economic data ever assembled, including basically everything known about economic conditions in the last 2,000 years. I promise you, however far you get, you will learn something amazing every couple of pages.  

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