Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

After days of being boring beyond comprehension, our right wing brethren have apparently been poked by a sharp stick, or something- at least they've let out some painful yelps the last couple of days:

Erika Johnson, Town Hall:  "China: You Know, You Guys Should Really Scale Back Your Military"

Military Budgets, 2010:

United States     687,105,000,000    
People's Republic of China     114,300,000,000    

China has a military budget one sixth the size of ours.  Maybe someone else should think about cutting their military budget.  Of course, that is not likely to happen as long as every Republican in the country is hiding under the bed whining for mama in the face of the evil Communist/Mooslim threat that faces us.

Erika Johnson, Town Hall:  "Pawlenty: Bachmann's Congressional Accomplishments Are "Nonexistent"

No they're not.  Michelle Bachmann has set a congressional record for ignorant stupidity.

Neil Stevens, Red State:  "Net Neutrality D-Day approaches, Communist-style PROTECT IP"

Marx had so much to say about internet neutrality. 

Roger Kimball, Pajamas Media:  ""Say what you like about the News of the World, but their allegations were always backed up with evidence."

Made up evidence, of course, but still...

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "The real story of Glenn Beck's exit from Fox?   It is well-known that Beck's very public feud with left-wing billionaire George Soros helped propel the Soros machine to double-down on the accelerator of the old moneybag's already well-oiled project to destroy Fox News...Beck's penchant for independent thought included a refusal to join the "ruling class" in its propagandistic goose-stepping hatred for Senator Joseph McCarthy...Earlier this year, he interviewed G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, who told the Fox host — just to cite one example — that several members of Congress had told him they had asked to see the gold our government supposedly has under ultra-tight security at Fort Knox, and were refused.  From that comes the speculation — added to Griffin's take on the Fed as a nefarious and unconstitutional power in our society — that there is no gold at Fort Knox..."

So let's see now...either Fox fired Beck because their arch-enemy George Soros didn't like him, or because he stood up against propagandistic goose stepping, or because all the gold has been stolen from Fort Knox.  Not a chance that it was because he had lost a third of his audience and almost all of his advertisers and daily made fools out of everyone at Fox News. Or because he had become so mentally unstable that he was totally out of control? No, that couldn't be the reason.  I think it must be the gold thing.

Dan Hooser, Good News Magazine:  "Few people understand how much the wonderful principles of civil liberty and free enterprise originated with God and are taught in the Bible!"

Grow up, Dan.  Really.  Can't you find anything constructive to do with your life?

Daniel J. Flynn, Renew America:  "It's not called 'Dependence' Day"

It's not called Stupidity Day either, but you guys sure trot out plenty of that every July 4th.

World Net Daily:  "Very important open letter to WND readers ..."

Very Important...Give us money.  Bet that one really surprised you.

World Net Daily:  "Dems' 'fundraiser' may have side effects-Mailing of 'Obama's birth certificate' called 'solicitation based on forgery...This is clearly fraud of great proportions.'

That's right, you read that correctly.  Obama is committing forgery by including his birth certificate in fundraising letters.  It will never end, will it?

Jay Clarke, American Thinker:  "Barack Obama has many names.  He's been called Savior, Messiah, and The Anointed One.  A new one is offered here for America to consider.

"Tyrannus Obama Rex."

Obama, the Tyrant King."

"He's been called Savior, Messiah, and The Anointed One."  Not by any of his supporters, of course.  Only by ignorant right wing fools who also call him Satan, Hitler, etc.  So go ahead.  If it makes you happy, call him Obama Tyrannosaurus Rex- the Black Dinosaur- for all I care.  It can't be any more stupid than what you have already done. 

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "Social Justice: Obama and the Left's Not-So-Hidden Agenda is insane, absurd, and evil."

Sure, Lloyd, I can see your point.  Of course justice is evil if it doesn't lower your taxes.  So screw everyone else on earth.  You are getting paid plenty to spread your hate and help White racists return to power, and you are positive that they are going to take care of you after they are in charge.  You just go on counting on that and licking their boots, and see where it gets you.

Howard, Raymond and Jesse Richman, American Thinker:  "How to Restore America's Manufacturing Innovation"

Well, how do you think?  By doing away with all corporate taxes, of course!  I'm sure that will work just great.  And by the way, I'm not kidding.  This article was actually written by three guys named Richman.


Well, we'll take that for what it's worth. 

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Ingratitude, Thy Name Is South Korea...South Korea has joined with only two other countries in the world in dropping the name of the forthcoming film "Captain America" and using the subtitle, "The First Avenger." The other two countries are Russia and Ukraine."

Keep your eye on the important issues, Dennis.

Dan Miller, Pajamas Media:  "How Do You Solve a Problem like the National Debt?"

How about by not electing Republicans, Dan, since three Republican presidents are responsible for virtually the entire national debt?  That's my suggestion.  Of course Dan has other ideas- taking money away from black people, and bringing an end to the "vast pig slop," i.e. Social Security, which does not contribute one cent to the national debt.  Take your choice.

Bill Zeiser, Pajamas Media:  "Two NY Men Can Marry Now — Why Can’t They Fight?...There is no consistency in New York’s refusal to allow mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts within the state."

Now this is a truly inspiring example of Conservative reasoning- the notion that if you are allowed to do one thing, you should be allowed to do anything else you want.  Following up on this logic, I would like to suggest a couple of other columns that Bill might consider writing:  "Parents can send their children to their rooms- Why can't they slit their throats?"  or maybe  "People are allowed to drink orange juice- why can't they serve other people sulfuric acid?"  I'm sure you can think of enough more to keep Bill in blog posts for the rest of his life.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Obama Gave ACORN Groups $541K This Year, Not $80K.  ACORN is the largest radical leftist group in America today."

Jim, Acorn doesn't exist any more.  Go find someone new to lie about.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Michelle Obama Downs 1,556 Calorie Lunch at Shake Shack"

The horror.  A perfect example of why Barack Obama should never be allowed to be President- his wife eats lunch, instead of drinking it like Pickles Bush.

World Net Daily Exclusive:  "Not just Delta! Look what else Saudi Arabian dollars buying"

Oh, I don't know...maybe this:

World Net Daily:  "Deception evidence reaches Oval Office?
Analysis says everything president, lawyers said 'was carefully orchestrated and scripted'

What, it would be better if they just babbled at random like you?

World Net Daily Exclusive Breaking News:  "Al-Qaida scoffs at Leon Panetta "

I don't hear them scoffing at Obama so much these days.

Well, wasn't that refreshing.  More soon.

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