Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Add This Guy to the List of Republican Asses

George Will on one of the Sunday blab shows this week:

“The argument we’re having today is whether James Madison of the Princeton class of 1771 can save the Constitution from Woodrow Wilson of the Princeton class of 1879 and the progressive movement. It’s an intramural argument at Princeton.”

Right.  It's just an intramural argument at Princeton; i.e. a matter to be decided by our patrician ruling class.  None of the rest of us has anything to contribute to the august decision-making process of two graduates of the most arrogant, ruling-class-oriented university in the country.

And the Republicans accuse Liberals of being elitists.


Jean Valjean said...

Wow. They are unapologetic, and don't even bother to hide their agenda, anymore. They are so satisfied with the lockstep obstructiveness of their bought-and-sold politicians, that they are crowing with triumph.

mastercynic said...

And it's just Jersey after all. Maybe Snooki and Paulie D are alumni.

Magpie said...

According to Media Matters Will is continuing a line Beck used, which is interesting because Glenn Beck couldn’t hold a discussion to any academic standard higher than Sesame Street.

It’s all about calling one angle “progressive” and the other “freedom” - so progressivism thus becomes antithetical to freedom in any discussion. You control the language you control the terms of the discussion you control the discussion…

Just a devious foreigner’s point of view…. Neither I nor any Australian I have ever met could quote a single passage of our constitution (small ‘c’).
It has no totemic symbolism whatsoever, and just gets pulled out of some dusty space every generation or so when we have a parliamentary deadlock or some problem of jurisdiction.
This idea of it as a holy scripture to be interpreted by a legal priesthood while imagining some formless existential threat to the nation hovering over all is, to me, bizarre.

Anonymous said...

ahh Media Matters the Bible of the left.indoctrination at its best.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that the left was all about the Constitution and GW's trampling of it. Now it's OK to tweak it accordingly.

Green Eagle said...

Aah, Anonymous, a typical pair of comments from you. Not a word in reply to the point of my post, and a couple of cheap smears that have nothing to do with the topic.

Well, who am I to complain? It worked to put Republicans back in the driver's seat, where they are deliberately sabotaging our economy every way they can, in order to seize power again. You must be really proud to be a part of that.

Anonymous said...

Republicans back in the driver's seat, where they are deliberately sabotaging our economy every way they can, in order to seize power again.

No they are trying to save it. Obama is hell bent on turning us into a welfare state which is the republicans need to take the senate and the White house otherwise Obama will keep going until it's to late. He's done enough to raise unemployment and squander trillions. I think the people are aware of it and know they can't afford 4 years of this.

Sorry you can't beyond the Hope and Change to realize this.