Friday, July 8, 2011

Cut My Taxes

This story from Daily Kos today perfectly illustrates something that I have been saying for years:

"Republicans reluctant on Obama's aggressive deficit reduction goal

Now that President Obama is pushing a larger-than-expected $4 trillion deficit reduction package, guess what: Republicans are suddenly becoming less enthusiastic about debt reduction. While John Boehner supports Obama's goal, support from his GOP leadership colleagues range from lukewarm at best to nonexistent at worst.

The New York Times reported Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl opposed the $4 trillion target:

    "Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, and Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the ranking Republican on 
    the Senate Finance Committee, favored the midrange $2 trillion, voicing doubts about how they could sell a $4 
    trillion deal to their rank and file, officials said, since it would involve tax increases."

So, as always, the thing stopping Republicans from getting serious about fiscal policy is their fear of raising taxes."

As I have repeatedly said, modern American conservatism is about one thing and one thing only: "cut my taxes!"  The rest- the abortion crap, the screaming about socialism, all of it- is nothing but window dressing to enable the rubes to con themselves into thinking that they are motivated by anything besides naked greed.  But in the end, all they want is to keep their government services coming while they evade sharing the cost.  That's why practically every Republican State is a net receiver of tax revenue from the Federal government, paid for by the Democratic States.  They curse about largely nonexistent welfare chiselers and minorities on the dole, while gladly milking the government for every penny they can get their hands on.  They've reached the point where they are fuming in anger about even paying to support schools and fire departments,  or maintaining roads and bridges.  But it's always someone else who wants a free ride.


Anonymous said...

Oh so now Obama wants to cut the deficit? Now he's leading the charge after he was dragged kicking and screaming to Capitol Hill.

We all know what Obama is about and it ain't' economics that's for damn sure. He should go back and serve his Acorn peeps back in Chicago. If anything he's good at rabble rousing,stirring up the masses with empty rhetoric.

Green Eagle said...

Racism. Just about what we expect you to get around to, Anonymous, when all your other arguments are shown to be lies.

And don't even come back filled with synthetic outrage, denying that your remark is racist. I'm past the point of allowing that kind of thing.

Jean Valjean said...

Off with his head.