Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Happened to Sarah's Jury Duty

Remember Sarah Palin quitting her egomaniacal, self-promoting bus tour of America a few weeks ago, and then claiming that she had to go back to Alaska for jury duty?  Of course, the press was far too busy with Casey Anthony etc. to follow up on the latest disappearing act by the Quitta from Wasilla.  So, I thought I would see what vital trial she served on.  Here is a story about Sarah's alleged jury duty, in case you care.

The long and short of it?  The State of Alaska does not release the names of jurors, but there is certainly no evidence that she was ever called for jury duty, which in any event would have run out at the end of June, half a month ago.  No sign that she is resuming her bus tour.

I don't know about Alaska, but jurors in California get months of notice of when they are called to serve.  How is it that Sarah Palin didn't hear about her jury duty until she was in the middle of her bus tour?

This woman has as much respect for the truth as I do for the Dodgers this year.  Why does anyone even pretend that she would be truthful about this?

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Magpie said...

The jury finds her guilty.