Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner's "Failure"

Well, it is true that Boehner's Republican colleagues delivered him a massive humiliation yesterday.  Of course, it suits the entire mainstream "press" to present this as purely a personal failing of Boener's.  They are anxious to spread this myth, because, as usual, the truth is far worse.

In fact, the Republican party is now reaping the fruit of the madness that they have deliberately sown since Reagan- the notion that any taxation is too much, the insane idea that multinational corporations will look out for our welfare far better than our elected representatives, the idea that anyone who really understands a subject is automatically less qualified to deal with it than, say, some ignorant, incompetent right wing demagogue from Alaska. 

Now, the Republican party and their lapdogs in the press have succeeded in breeding just enough of these stupid, greed-maddened people that they are able to prevent any rational resolution of our national problems (which, of course, were created by the same ludicrous cant that these people are still pushing as the solution to our problems.)

Boehner is a typical (now outmoded) ordinary Republican- corrupt beyond redemption, and willing to propound any theory, no matter how ridiculous, if it can be used to justify bending the law to the will of the rich.  Now, he is being swept away by a tidal wave of irrationality largely of his own creation.  But this is no more Boehner's fault than it is the fault of the generations of Republicans who have worked so hard to create this monster.  And any one of them, in Boehner's position, would be just as helpless to hold back this madness.  Any one of them would suffer the same fate as Boehner- to be crucified for not surrendering totally to the maelstrom of madness that has enveloped the Republican party, and which may very well crush our country as well.

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