Thursday, July 14, 2011

Washington Post- Still At It

This oh so sage comment, from a Washington Post editorial this morning, about Mitch McConnell's "plan" to resolve the budget crisis which the Republican party deliberately created:

"McConnell’s escape hatch: The best Washington can do?...

The McConnell approach is convoluted because it is intended to allow Republicans to avoid bringing down the U.S. economy without having to cast politically unpopular votes to raise the debt ceiling...The McConnell plan offers political cover for cowardice and irresponsibility. If it is the best Washington can do, it is better than nothing. But it’s not much of an advertisement for what Washington can do."

No, this plan is not "the best Washington can do."  That would be for the Republicans to get out of the way and let Democrats take serious steps to undo the damage which Conservative economics has done to the country.

After stating perfectly clearly that this "plan" is nothing but a way for Republicans to get themselves out of the very dirty corner they willingly backed themselves into, the Post is still obligated by the Villager rules of the game to blame Democrats equally for the result of Republicans' self-serving, anti-American behavior.  And thus is perpetuated the fiction that this country still has two political parties which have any interest in serving the needs of the American people.

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