Monday, July 11, 2011

Renew America Makes a Plea

This oh-so-sad story from anticommunist champion Renew America today:

"Special message: Your prayers and support are needed

If you have been inspired and informed by over the years, then now is the time to wholeheartedly hear the call and feel the need of the valiant and remarkable family that has tirelessly worked, suffered, and somehow endured to keep this vital website running — against all odds, through crisis after crisis, never asking for any benefit or compensation for their extraordinary work.

RenewAmerica's president and editor, Stephen Stone, has been under immense pressure for quite some time — persecuted and betrayed by many persons and institutions he has served and trusted, in addition to the everyday challenges of running such a grand and excellent website, while trying to take care of his family.

Even a true man of God, as Stephen is, can sometimes be overtaken by the enemy. Stephen was recently rushed to the hospital with a deadly perforated ulcer just below his stomach. By God's grace, he has survived with the skill of a wonderful surgeon, but he is still in need of much support and help — as the days in a hospital, and the tens of thousands of dollars required to cover it, mounted, leaving the family with an enormous medical bill they have little means to pay.

My dear friends, I believe that many of you are the best of people — true-heart lovers of freedom, America, and our mighty Lord. So, I ask each and every single reader to make it a top priority to send something, no matter how small..."

 Well, Renew America guys, I think something is really wrong with this story.  We all know that we live in the country with the greatest medical care system on earth, and we also know that no one in this country goes without adequate medical care.  So I'm going to confidently assume that, in fact, Mr. Stone is relaxing in comfort, knowing that, in the market-driven medical care system, which his blog has promoted in literally hundreds of posts, many companies are competing with each other to see that his needs are met.  Thank the Lord in Heaven above that people like Mr. Stone worked so hard to prevent the implementation of a single payer system in this country, which probably would have forced Mr. Stone to undergo the intolerable indignity of filling out some forms to get his medical care paid for, rather than having our nation's private insurance companies fight over who will pick up the tab for Mr. Stone's medical care.

Enjoy the fruits of the medical care system you worked to preserve, Mr. Stone.


Poll P. said...

Hypocrite, idiot, or both?

Anonymous said...

God help us. I just went to ReNew America and the guy who wrote this article is Neil Goldburg. He wrote a song about abortion called "Almost Born" and has written some other, mostly patriotic, creepy songs that Ronald Reagan probably would have liked. In 2010, according to his biography, he was a candidate for the senate seat held by Barbara Boxer.

Magpie said...

I sincerely hope Mr Stone recovers and that - while he is sitting in the home I hope he keeps - he might take a moment to reflect that not all who find themselves in this very common circumstance of needing expensive medical care can avail themselves of an entire website of people willing to help.

I don’t recall exactly whether I have mentioned this on this site…
I lost a child to cancer. The treatment was extensive, prolonged and the level of care required from his mother and I was very high. I was away from my profession for months, but remained on full pay as they decided to act as if I was still there. The hospital thanked me for invoking our private medical insurance which I have maintained even though I can access anything for free from my country’s public health system.

My point is: if I had been an American working for a less compassionate organisation and had no insurance – or potentially even if I had insurance but not that subsection in the fine print - my family and I would have been wiped out, lost home, everything, and in debt to my eyeballs for my child’s treatment.

But in that event… I would rather have eaten broken glass than had a friend beg for financial assistance, from strangers, on my part, on a website spewing propaganda about how OTHER people are undeserving dogs to be economically trashed while simultaneously and with supreme hypocrisy talking up a faith in a messiah who, according to all holy text, was utterly devoted to the cause of the poor. If Mr Stone is so special, then every other American is equally special and equally deserving.

Get well Mr Stone. As I said, I do sincerely hope you recover.

(slight topic pivot….) and to David Limbaugh’s comment on that same site yesterday that fascism is not a Right wing ideology and that liberals have more in common with it than conservatives….
It is never midnight at noon, Limbaugh, but for the eclipse of the truth called ‘modern American conservatism’.
2 plus 2 never equals 5. No matter how much you and your fellow cretins want to think that, it is not true, never was true, and never will be true.