Sunday, July 31, 2011

An All Too Likely Republican Scenario

Spelled out by Andrew Sullivan, at the Daily Beast:

"Are They Aiming for Impeachment?

They did the last Democratic president; and they feel even more strongly that this one is illegitimate, despite his thumping majority in the last election. Here's the scenario. The House GOP pushes for  completely unserious Boehner plan (including a balanced budget amendment) that they know will be vetoed; they then filibuster the Reid plan in the Senate, forcing Obama to invoke a 14th Amendment executive prerogative, which they will then turn around and impeach him for."

I've been talking about this sort of scenario ever since Obama won in 2008.  The Republicans are like serial killers who got a taste for blood with Clinton, and now cannot control their urge to do it again.  They needed no pretext with Clinton, and they need none with Obama, just an excuse.  When, when will people face up to the traitorous pack of wolves gnawing away at the nation's vitals, while Americans are directed to panic about a few dozen guy in caves twelve thousand miles away?

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