Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Supreme Court giveth, and the Supreme Court taketh away...

That's how Daily Kos describes what happened today- the court, by the usual 5 vote right wing margin, legalizing the Republican party's thievery of the vote in North Carolina, just days after it allowed laws legalizing gay marriage to stand.

It is vitally important to understand what has happened here, with these two decisions which seem to come from totally different places on the ideological spectrum, because they do not come from any place on the ideological spectrum at all.

First, as to what the Supreme Court gave:  can anyone possibly be so naive as to believe that these five Supreme Court justices, the Republicans in Congress, and the people who pay to keep them there, really give a flying fuck about gay marriage?  What they gave was something that meant nothing to them- all they care about is money and power, and a gigantic marriage of every gay person in the country to every other gay person wouldn't threaten that.  Which brings us to the "taketh away" part.  What they are taking away is the right of ordinary people to vote.  That does mean a lot to them, and their campaign to destroy democracy in this country.

I say that none of this comes from anywhere on the ideological spectrum because it is not about ideology, it is about the naked theft of the wealth and power of the United States.  These justices, and the people behind them, care about nothing but that, and whatever the political spectrum amounts to, greed is not to be found along it.

I have said this before:  I am a firm supporter of gay marriage, legalized marijuana, etc.  But I will not trade democracy for these things.  And that is the con that these five corrupt Supreme Court justices pull on people over and over again, with no one in Washington willing to stand up to them and call out their criminality.

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