Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Surreal Moments in Debate Performance- Florida Edition

One of the greatest bits of theater of the absurd, courtesy of Florida Governor Rick Scott:

Scott is already doing a poor job of running for re-election, as befits an out and out criminal.  It was a sign of the stupidity of Florida's voters that he won the first time, but the mainstream press has already signaled that if he loses this time around, they will blame it all on this four minutes of non-debate, rather than the fact that he is a corrupt monster from a party of corrupt monsters.

Oh well, give it a look, it's pretty funny.

Update:  Here's the headline of Town Hall's coverage of this story:  "Charlie Crist Violates Debate Rules, Forces Debate Delay."  That's their story and they are sticking to it.


Zog said...

"It was a sign of the stupidity of Florida's voters"

This is Florida we're talking about. As any readers of Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen can tell you, Florida is the closest place on earth to Bizarro World. (Some readers of the late Molly Ivins might claim that Texas deserves that distinction. I'll stick with Florida.)

One gets a sense that, in Florida, being honest would be a hindrance in trying to get anything done, and only a corrupt monster can accomplish good things, even if it's merely by accident. There's no need to blame stupidity for Rick Scott's being governor when sheer weirdness will suffice.

Green Eagle said...

Zog, you can have both- stupid weird people. Otherwise known as the Republican base.

Weird Dave said...

Hey GE, off topic style question.

Since I am weird (and probably a little stupid too (but definitely not a Republican)) I've finally gotten around to using this picture to prove it.

If it's too much let me know and I will (try to) restrain myself.

Thanks and keep up the good work.