Friday, October 31, 2014

Green Eagle Joins the War on Christians

As we are all aware, a persistent story has been swirling around the wingnut world for some years now: that liberals are waging a vicious war of oppression against Christians, particularly white Christians.

Well, how might that have happened?

I am old enough to remember when the image of a Christian in this country was Reverend Peters down at the Methodist Church running food drives and hosting the local boy scout troop, or kindly old Catholic Father Rooney (well, Father Rooney might have been up to a few not-so-kindly things with the altar boys, but we didn't know that at the time.)

That's not true any more.  While the millions of decent Christians did nothing, the name of their religion has been seized by a vicious pack of religious fanatics, many of them openly in support of forcing a theocratic dicatatorship on the country.  When you hear "Christian" today, you don't think of Albert Schweitzer or Mother Teresa, or even of almost moderate TV preachers like Billy Graham- no, what comes to mind is Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Pat Robertson, John Hagee and a thousand other half-religious, half-political figures in this country filled with hatred, racism and greed, and determined that the country shall be run their sick, undemocratic way, regardless of who objects.

And it doesn't help any that, as we watch the unabated horrors caused by Islamic fanaticism overseas, we see these home grown extremists adopting more and more of the same tactics and values that drove the Middle East into violent chaos.

Yeah, I admit it- I am against these "Christians" in a way that I would have never imagined a couple of decades ago.  But it's not because all of the decent Americans have suddenly decided to carry out a war of aggression against the poor little Evangelicals.  We are not the ones that have changed; they are.  They have voluntarily turned themselves from something seen as a positive force in our culture, to a subversive, irrational, hate-filled movement that deserves the opposition of any real American.


BB-Idaho said...

Yes, we note Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed et. al.
carrying on the tradition of
Christian mercy in the tradition of Torquemada

the yellow fringe said...

IN my Kansas county the polling stations were all moved from fire stations and schools and other public buildings into churches. The election committee pays these churches a small fee for this. It was free, now taxpayers pay churches to host voting. In the previous system school kids got to see people coming in all day to exercise a basic right of democracy, and voters got a glimpse of the school or fire station, it was a great feeling. But the GOP found out that putting it in churches reduces the vote by 1% (a few people will not go inside certain denominations buildings) and additionally reduces the chances of passing bond issues for eduction or basic infrastructure improvements by another couple of percent.

boomer bob said...

Religious fanaticism really has no place in any society. It polarizes people beyond hope for civil discourse, teaches hate, enforces intolerance, and creates attitudes of exceptionalism.

It's a bit frightening how easily it is for people to fall into this trap, and when they do, we find ourselves armed to the teeth and fighting completely unnecessary wars.

But! Onward Christian Soldiers and Jihad; let's destroy the planet while we defend fairy tale belief systems.

Infidel753 said...

Religious fanaticism really has no place in any society.

If you want to know what happens to a society when religious fervor really gets the upper hand in politics, look at Syria right now.

If we want that here, it's ours for the asking. Just let the Christianist extremists have their way.

Zog said...

Who needs to look at Syria?

Just look at what went on in Northern Ireland for decades.

Here's a song about it:

Anonymous said...

get out and vote for your phone on Nov 4th

Anonymous said...

Or you can wake up like the rest of us

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to the real war? You know the War on women

Zog said...

"get out and vote for your phone on Nov 4th" - Anonymous

My telephone isn't on the ballot.