Tuesday, October 7, 2014


From the Washington Examiner, via Daily Kos:

"Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., said Saturday that while he "hate[s] to invoke the term 'czar,'" President Obama needs one to combat the spread of the deadly Ebola virus."

Jack, maybe this never occurred to you, but there is such a person available.  He's called the Surgeon General.

Or, at least there would be if you and your fellow Republicans, in your frenzy to destroy everything Obama tries to accomplish, hadn't spent the last year or so refusing to approve the appointment of a new one.


Poll P. said...

Seriously? We currently have to Surgeon General! Oh dear. Something's got to change, and soon. Those brave students in Hong Kong spoke up. When will we? Though when we do have massive gatherings, like the Climate march, they don't get coverage.

Green Eagle said...

As usual, a couple of now deleted comments from Anonymous, making an asinine comment about the trash left by the 400,000 climate demonstrators. Of course, there is no trash to speak of left behind by right wing national demonstrations, because no one shows up.

Magpie said...

on that subject...