Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Classic Example of Deliberate Misunderstanding of the Press' Role

Their role in degrading the political discourse of our country, always in favor of the Republicans.

This one revolves around Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who is in an almost unprecedented struggle to retain his Senate seat in Kentucky, and who has taken to simultaneously going around the State attacking Obamacare, while at the same time telling Kentuckians that they can keep their insurance under the wildly popular Kynect plan, which (contrary to his claims) is nothing but the Kentucky implementation of Obamacare.

There isn't really much to understand about this, is there?  However, it is apparently not only beyond the comprehension of the press, but is even too complex for liberal commenters to grasp.  Here is an analysis by Bryan Beutler in the New Republic, which I found because it is favorably covered at Daily Kos:

"The Media Is Ignoring McConnell's Obamacare Waffling Because They Don't Understand It...What’s particularly frustrating about McConnell’s irreconcilable ACA claims is that they would be politically damaging if the political press corps understood the nature of the deception. But unlike Grimes’ comments, which are just plainly absurd, laying McConnell bare requires a somewhat confident understanding of health policy and the system Obamacare promulgated in Kentucky."

As if it is the stupidity or gross ignorance of the press that causes them to misreport an issue that can be explained in a couple of sentences, and that a fifth grader could grasp.  How "confident" does your understanding have to be in order for you to understand that?

These people in the media are making false claims because that is what they are paid to do, thanks to Republicans who enabled the entire mainstream press to be bought up by the rich.  What is lacking here is not understanding, but a lack of decency and respect for the truth.  Everyone who writes about this, including the purportedly liberal writer at Daily Kos, knows perfectly well that the issue is so clear that no person could have any contact with it and not know the truth.  We are confronted with lying, not stupidity, and that is what keeps the evil, anti-American Republican party viable.

And thanks for playing your part in this charade, liberals.


Grung_e_Gene said...

And now Chuck Todd of Press The Meet is prominently featured in a McConnell add with his statement that Grimes "disqualified" herself.

Green Eagle said...

For which, it must be noted, Todd now claims to be horrified, as if he didn't have a clue about what would happen with his grotesquely partisan remark.