Friday, October 24, 2014

Begging Letters

I wrote a post a few days ago about the endless barrage of panic-filled begging e-mails from Democrats all over the country.  There is something that I think I need to add to my comment about the combat fatigue these have caused in me.

I think what really has made me just tune all of this out is the fact that constantly squeezing Democratic voters for money has become a substitute for even the pretense of governing on behalf of the American people.

Where are the prosecutions of Wall Street?  Where are any signs of consequences for the Bush Administration's war crimes?  Where is any attempt to rein in the national surveillance state?  Where are even the Democrats (with only a couple of exceptions) who will stand forthrightly and say that they will never see Social Security or Medicare damaged?  We all know, in fact, that Obama was ready to cut Social Security and Medicare, for nothing in return except empty promises from Republicans who never keep their promises, and we know that there is no reason to believe that Hillary will be any better.  So instead, we are expected to cough up our money for campaign spots that endeavor to make Democrats seem just slightly better than Republicans, and will damage us just slightly less.

Where are we supposed to find a cause for enthusiasm in that?


Magpie said...

The very act of rattling the tin to partisan voters is demeaning to a political system.
They’re meant to court you with their ideas, not whore democracy out.
I’m horrified.

Jerry Critter said...

If politicians want money from the common person, perhaps they should start to do something for the common person.

That goes for our vote also.