Monday, October 27, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start out with this amazing scoop from Town Hall:

"Study Shows Liberals More Likely Than Conservatives to "Unfriend" Someone Over Politics"

They forgot to mention that the same study showed Conservatives are less likely to have friends that disagreed with them.

Byron York, Town Hall:  "OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The image some conservatives have of Greg Orman, the wealthy businessman running as an independent against veteran Republican Sen. Pat Roberts here in Kansas, is that Orman is, in the words of a recent Weekly Standard story, a "vacuous cipher."

Which may be true.  On the other hand, that still beats the racist, corrupt jerk the Republicans are running.

John Ransom, Town Hall:  "The Petro-States in Shambles Despite Obama...Despite an administration that has no energy policy"

Of course, the minute a Democrat talks about an energy policy, wingnuts start screaming about Communism.  By the way, John, did you notice that Obama's nonexistent energy policy has resulted in turning the United States into an energy exporting country?

Kevin Rogers, Washington Times:  "Obama, White House stayed mum for hours as Canada terrorized"

Three hours!  He stayed mum for THREE HOURS as a lone gunman killed someone in another country!!!!

"An ally under attack demands a swift show of support and strong leadership; that was absent."

A swift show of support that would have accomplished...what?  THREE HOURS, I tell you!!!!  Not swift enough!  The outrage!

And How About Stupid Out Of Control?

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "The Good News About Offshore Oil Rigs...Never let it be said that Mother Nature doesn't appreciate irony. A new study led by researchers at Occidental College and the University of California at Santa Barbara has found that the oil platforms dotting the California coast are fantastic for sea life."

The good news about the Michael Brown killing:  When he bled all over the street, it provided lots of food for some flies.

D. W. Wilbur, Town Hall:  "Boys Don’t Play ‘Soldier’ Anymore"

And what a shame.  Never heard of paintball or airsoft, did you, D. W.?

Now, that's what I call playing soldiers.

Washington Times:  "Michele Bachmann threatened by Islamic State, assigned security detail: report"

Well, all I can say about this story is that if ISIS is stupid enough to think they could harm the United States by taking out Michelle Bachmann, they've got a lot to learn.

World Net Daily:  "Video: 'Violent thug' caught stuffing ballot box"

And here he is:

This story is all over the wingnut world today.  What the video shows is an absolutely non-violent, non-thug delivering absentee ballots for a number of people, in a manner totally consistent with State law in Arizona, where this happened.  The only person he was rude to was the real thug, a Republican who tried to stop him from legally delivering these legal votes.  One more fake vote fraud story to justify Republican vote suppression efforts, and the kind of people who read World Net Daily, or Gateway Pundit, or all the other right wing propaganda sites that carried this story, will never see the truth, needless to say.

And now the Republican tantrum of the day:

Moe Lane, Red State:  "The Arkansas Senate election is now over.  Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) argued that the federal government’s desegregation of Arkansas’s largest public school in 1957 was an “unwilling invasion” that took “a local problem out of the local authorities’ hands..."

This story is flying around the wingnut world lately like a drunken vulture.  What they all fail to mention is that the words, from a paper Mark Pryor wrote in college, were a summation of the Southern argument against Federal involvement, which Pryor explicitly rejected as an unjust reaction to the necessity of Federal intervention.  Once again, as Mark Twain once said, the current Republican lie has flown around the world several times already before the truth can get its pants on. This is a perfect example of Republicans saving their most nauseating lies until the end of the campaign, when Democrats can't get the truth out in time.  Expect lots more of this kind of thing in the next couple of weeks.

Moe Lane, Red State:  "Harry Reid's Ebola Roulette:  "Specifically, the Surgeon General nomination.  Why is Vivek Murthy’s nomination stalled, again?  Well, as Byron York reminds us it’s primarily because Sen. Harry Reid  wants it stalled:  It would take just 51 of the Senate’s 55 Democrats to confirm Murthy. But that confirmation has not happened. “There is bipartisan opposition, so [Reid] hasn’t even tried to bring him to a vote,” says another senior Senate GOP aide."

Of course, it wouldn't take 55 votes because the Republicans will filibuster the nomination, as they have done several hundred times in the last few years.  Blaming the Democrats for the results of the Republicans' own seditious, corrupt behavior- it's all they have. Sad to say, it usually works.

Brad Johnson, Red State:  "The CDC and Ebola: A Tale of Failure and Incompetence"

Massive, I tell you, massive!  Incompetence that has left an American death toll of, let's see, how many now?  Oh yeah, zero.  Massive incompetence.

And now, a little burst of stupid hate from the right:

Paula Boyard, PJ Media:  "If Hillary Had a Daughter She Would Look Like Monica Lewinsky"

They can't resist being disgusting, can they?  I remember in the last Wingnut Wrapup some jerk accusing Liberals of loving filth.  Well, here's who really loves it.  By the way...  Doesn't Hillary actually have a daughter?  I don't remember her looking anything like Monica Lewinsky, do you?

And next, Jim Hoft, making sure he retains his title as the Dumbest Man On The Internet:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "IL Poll Workers Break Law – Tell Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Chicago Polling Booth"

What an outrage!  Throw the guy in Jail!  He told Obama to vote Democratic!  And that is illegal campaigning in a polling place, not a mild joke!  I guess there is a lesson to be learned here:  all of their hatred, all of their venom, all of their viciousness, and this is all they have to base it on.  What a pathetic spectacle.  And you can't believe the idiocy of the dozens of commenters who really think this is a horrible crime.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "“Hands Off My Gun” by Dana Loesch – On Bookshelves Now "

Darn, some really good beach reading, and the summer is just over.

Carol Brown, American Thinker:  "Another American with Ebola discharged after six-week hospital stay...A case previously unpublicized. Doesn’t it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling to realize we’re only just now finding out about this?"

Maybe you are just now finding out about this, Carol.  The rest of us remember very well when he was flown back here from Africa.  Of course, you have to find some way to try to make Obama out to be a failure on the Ebola front, given that not an American has died here at home in the entire giant epidemic.


In other news, bottle of Budweiser found in liquor store.

Matthew Vadum, American Thinker:  "Is ACORN behind violent unrest in Ferguson?"

Acorn disbanded in 2010, thanks to Republican sabotage.  So, the answer to Matthew's question?  Probably not.  But you never know, I guess.

Representative Steven King, R-Tex:  " 'I don't expect to meet' gay people in heaven"

With your record, buddy, what could possibly make you think you're going there?

And now, let's play "Stupid or Vicious:"

Paula Boyard, PJ Media:  "Why Is President Obama Running Around the Country Kissing Women?  Is it too much to ask him to keep his lips to himself at a time like this?"

Times like what?  Kissing women?  What women?  Man, their stock of Obama horrors has run thin.

Bruce Bialosky, Town Hall:  "To Have Sex or Not to Have Sex: That is the Question"

Gee, I wonder how most people are going to answer that one?

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "10-Year-Old Girl Proves Kids With Guns Does Not Always End In Tragedy"

Well, there you go!  The ultimate argument against gun restrictions- not every single time a kid touches a gun does a tragedy follow.

Robert Wargas, PJ Media:  "Smoking Bans Are More Dangerous Than Smoking"

Having your "personal freedom" to be addicted abridged is far worse than dying of cancer.

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "What does it tell you when two medical professional behave in this manner (i.e. going bowling-GE)? It tells you that even those who know they can infect others were indifferent to the risk. It tells you that airport staff armed with thermometers are no defense against anyone coming in from the Ebola hot zone in Africa. 

It tells you that the failure to impose a ban on all flights from West Africa should have been imposed weeks ago."

That damned Obama!  Of course (as Alan Caruba knows perfectly well) there are no direct flights from West Africa to the United States.  So much for that, right?  No, not when telling a lie enables Alan to attack Obama.

Ron Lipsman, American Thinker:  "What's the Difference Between a Gunman and a Terrorist?

"Gunman" = Christian murderer
"Terrorist" = Muslim murderer

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Suspected Terrorists From Africa Entering Canada...Through the U.S. After Living Illegally For Years"

After living illegally for years, during which they did absolutely nothing to link them to terrorism.  But still, "suspected terrorists."  The same way Obama is a suspected Kenyan.

 Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "How the Left Hijacks Liberalism...I am a liberal myself. In fact, I became a conservative because I'm a liberal."

And I'm a human being because I am actually a gigantic toad.  This is the corollary to the famed discovery of Jonah Goldberg that Hitler was a left winger- apparently, right wingers are the ones who really brought the country Social Security, the eight hour day, medicare, civil rights legislation, and everything else decent in the country, while liberals only want to impose Communism on us.  There just is no lie preposterous enough for them to pass on it.

And let's just go out on this important question:

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Can marijuana fuel jihad?"

Yes, but only very, very slowly.   V e r y   s l o w l y.....Oh, did I fall asleep?


Anonymous said...

I've got another nominee for you:
Reuben Rivlin.

Here's some highlights:

"It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill"


With regard to Jews he said: “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?”

Anything to say about him?

Green Eagle said...


Wingnut Wrapup is about the United States and the tragedy that has struck it at the hands of the right wing. Mr. Rivlin is not an American and is not speaking about the United States.

And by the way, Mr. Rivlin's heartfelt remarks were made upon his visit to Kafr Kasim, in which the Israeli Border Patrol committed a massacre in 1956. Rivlin was calling for both sides to face up to the truth, and I think it is disturbing of you to try to pretend otherwise. Rivlin deserves credit for his bravery at a time when the country is ruled by a right wing government, not ridicule.

And by the way, no one tells me what to put in Wingnut Wrapup. I may have a perverse sense of humor, but it's my sense of humor and I'll stick with it.

Cirze said...

Still laughing.

Will be for a while.


I needed that.

Well, all I can say about this story is that if ISIS is stupid enough to think they could harm the United States by taking out Michelle Bachmann, they've got a lot to learn.

Magpie said...

“a lone gunman killed someone in another country!”

Yes he did.
Yes… he did. Are we all allowed to comment on that now?
Because I didn’t get that memo.
I’ve picked just a couple of the cases out of the thousands upon thousands of people getting shot in America every fucking year and I get told how GREAT that is, actually, and that I should just shut the fuck up, because I wouldn’t know anything about ‘FREEDOM’.

“10-Year-Old Girl Proves Kids With Guns Does Not Always End In Tragedy”

“When asked how he feels about his daughter using a gun, her father said, "I feel very comfortable because I know she's been extraordinarily well-trained at how to be safe. I could have a fully loaded machine gun, and she would not dream of touching it because the curiosity factor has been eliminated.""

Strangely I can’t picture my daughter saying “oh dad I really so want to touch a machine gun… Chloe, Holly and Kate have all touched one and I’m feeling like totally left out. Daddy can I? can I?”

Green Eagle said...

Okay, I've had my whole blog hijacked by a bunch of terrorist sympathizing Jew haters. I'm not interested in that, nor am I interested in wasting my time responding to this sort of sick bullshit.. Stick to the subject and tell the truth if you want to have your comments stay up here. Otherwise, you are just ruining the experience for the people who very kindly find something to like in what I say.

Anonymous said...

Hate the truth I see

Green Eagle said...

Hans (and Sam too,) I have just deleted two very long "comments" by you which had absolutely nothing to do with this particular post of mine.

You know that it is free for you to go to Blogger and create your own blog, just like I did, a number of years ago. You are also free to take a good deal of latitude in commenting on what I actually have to say. But when you overwhelm my comments section with irrelevant diatribes, so that you blot out the comments of others who really want to discuss the issues I bring up, you are interfering with everyone else's use of the medium, and have turned yourself from a commenter into a troll.

I have resisted enabling comment moderation, preferring people to feel free to comment as they chose, but people like you make it hard.

P.S.- as it was irrelevant to anything in this post, I did not bother to read what you had to say, and I doubt that anyone else did either.