Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Left Behind

So the new adaptation based on the religious exploitation novel "Left Behind,"  starring Nick Cage, managed to gross $6,300,000 its first weekend.  Well, that's a lot more than Atlas Shrugged part anything made, but only barely more that the Nick Cage classic piece of trash, Drive Angry, which managed to gross $5,200,000 its first weekend, with a story featuring a simultaneous gun fight and sex scene as one of its highlights.  Nick playing a guy who escaped from Hell is just about as popular as Nick pimping for the Christians.  Of course, Drive Angry was a better movie, from all that I've heard.  I have no intention of going to see Left Behind, although I must, for full disclosure, admit that I worked on Drive Angry, which almost made it worth being in Shreveport.


Magpie said...

GE, not related to the post but... are you aware of the following blog?:


Check it out if you haven't seen it before.

Infidel753 said...

$6,300,000? I think that's about what Howard the Duck managed on its opening weekend -- probably less, allowing for inflation. Of course Howard the Duck was a lot more plausible than Left Behind, and probably more entertaining.

I hope the right-wing nutters keep making these godawful movies, though. It drains off a few million they could otherwise use more effectively, and creates a bit of paid work for normal people.

I've been reading Stonekettle for a long time. Well worth checking out.

Green Eagle said...

Howard the Duck was probably a better movie too, although I suspect neither one of us will really know for sure.