Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Unfortunate Confession

Which I feel called upon to make before election day:  I have been overwhelmed with e-mails with panic-stricken titles, begging me for money for candidates.  I don't know about you, but I'm receiving at least 40 to 50 a day.  I just can't deal with it, even though my interest in politics is obviously much greater than the average person's.  Except for a couple of names (e.g. Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren) I just delete them en masse, resulting in my political contributions this time around probably being lower than in a normal election year.

Sorry, I'm only one person, and I just can't deal with it.  I suspect a lot of other people are feeling the same way.  Five hundred or a thousand begging mass e-mails are simply not a workable answer to the Koch brothers.  As long as elections are about nothing but who has the most money, we are screwed. We'd better find a way to take these anti-American rich sociopaths out of the picture, because they have seen to it that the whole rest of the country doesn't have enough money to compete with them when the whole game is about buying politicians.


BB-Idaho said...


Infidel753 said...

You're not the only one. I've been getting that too, and I've seen a couple of other bloggers mention it. I can't believe this isn't counterproductive. They constantly mention some "critical" deadline or other, which then passes unnoticed, and the e-mails start keening about a different deadline. Some of them even have "personal" in the subject line, which is dishonest. That kind of thing just turns people off.

I suppose I'm getting it because I did donate a lot of money to campaigns in 2012, but circumstances have changed and I just don't have money to spare now. I understand that they need to raise money, but annoying people with barrages like this isn't the answer.

gruaud said...

These DCCC spams are so god damned juvenile. I won't send them jack shit and tell them so when unsubscribing.

They want my money, but damned if they'll actually represent me.

Green Eagle said...

For years I have been telling the DCCC and the DSCC and the State Democratic party every time they call me that I only contribute to individual candidates that I believe in, not impersonal groups that want my money without any input. This time I'm afraid that the hurricane of these requests has undoubtedly deflected me from some people that do deserve my money.

Weird Dave said...

My answer to them when I unsubscribed was, "Too many emails, not enough banksters in jail."

They leave me alone now.

Magpie said...

I can't believe this...

The only person I know who has ever been asked for money by a political party is a relative who is a member of the conservative party, and in the typically conservative manner... he refused.

Everyone else just sends flyers about all the things they promise to do for your area. 3-4 such per election.

Green Eagle said...

Well, Magpie, you can believe it. I deleted 16 of them around 10 AM this morning and expect to delete at least 20 more before today is over.

isaac said...

I get them, too.

The sender's name is always made to look as if I'm getting personal e-mail from Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders...those are the three I just deleted. Without reading.

I suppose the Dems are trying to put a bit more of a personal touch on things, but I'm smart enough to know that Elizabeth Warren wouldn't know me if I bled to death in her living room.

And if she did know me, she'd know I'm so broke, I have a Big Mac on layaway.

They're not making any points with me.