Monday, October 21, 2013

Where Are They Now?

Big news this last week about two past visitors to Green Eagle's pages.

First, we hear that two members of one of the far right's premier families have been (once again) arrested.  Cheyne Kehoe and his father Kirby, both members of the Christian Identity movement and (of course) violent Aryan supremacists, were held on charges that they were felons in possession of a large quantity of guns.  Cheyne and his brother Chevie have been implicated in a number of murders and other crimes in connection with their plan to establish an Aryan homeland in the northwest.  Chevie, the worst of the lot, is where he belongs, safely ensconced in prison, where he will soon be joined (again) by his brother and father.  Here, if you are interested, is a bit of history of this miserable family.
Chevie in all his glory.

And also, news of Phill Kline, the former attorney general of Kansas, and one of the nation's most vicious persecutors of abortion providers:

"Citing “clear and convincing evidence” of professional misconduct, the Kansas Supreme Court on Friday indefinitely suspended the law license of former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

The disciplinary action that led to Friday’s order arose from Kline’s investigation of abortion clinics while he was attorney general, and from his handling of a grand jury proceeding while Johnson County’s district attorney."

And Kline's response?

"Thomas Condit, a Cincinnati lawyer who represents Kline in the case, said Friday’s action was based on a “cherry picking” of oral and written comments over a period of many years..."

Yeah, cherry picking his comments for crimes.  They left out the things that didn't prove that he was a criminal.  How unfair.

Well, small victories, but at least it's nice to see a couple of long-time right wing jerks get at least a small measure of the consequences they deserve.

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Magpie said...

Thanks for the link to the Kehoe chronology. I had not heard of them.
If only they were Muslims… then they’d be more well covered by the media.

“Just the good ol' boys…
Never meanin' no harm…
Beats all you've ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born. “

the yellow fringe said...

As a long suffering Klansan I can tell you Kline did much more than what he was dis-barred for. He leaked papers to Fox news from his ad-hoc snooping at abortion clinics, including names of women. His own investigation couldn't find out how Fox got the info. He also decided as AG he should have a driver, hired his nephew with a record of drunk driving to be the states first chauffeur for a sitting AG. Our beloved AG became so unpopular in his own RED state that he is now a professor of law at Liberty University. At least this last item is what he and his supporters deserve, a nut teaching zealots the law.