Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Sentiments Exactly

A very concisely put summation of where we find ourselves today, from reporter Robert Parry:

"Now, in 2013, the Republican Right has doubled down on that strategy, merging a government shutdown with an impending credit default in an effort to extort more concessions from Obama and the Democrats. But the larger goal is to create a new constitutional structure in which the Right, regardless of its minority status, gets to dictate what the federal government can and cannot do.
To make this strategy work, however, requires a readiness to play Samson and to pull down the temple on your enemies as well as yourself. That appears to be the extreme option that the Koch Brothers and their fellow right-wing billionaires have chosen. If they can’t rule America, they will reduce the country to economic rubble through a fiscal crisis and a premeditated financial collapse.
Then, perhaps out of the rubble, a chastened American people will emerge to accept their subordinate position in this new plutocratic structure. In the future, they will know better than to do something that the Koch Brothers and their right-wing friends don’t like.
All that stuff about a government of the people, by the people and for the people will finally have perished from the earth."

This is their end game.  Parry's words echo the major theme of Green Eagle since I started this blog.  Before then, I used to wonder if Bush and Cheney, and the people they fronted for, didn't look back on the Nazi era and say to themselves, "that lucky Hitler- the only thing he had going for himself that we don't is a depression."  For it is a fact that, by 1930, the Nazis were losing political power in Germany.  Their politics of intimidation and threat were simply not enough to buy them the allegiance of a majority of German voters.  Only the chaos and suffering of the depression enabled them to manipulate their way into power.

Well, their first attempt at depression-generating ended in failure, when Democrats took over control of the government in time to choke off a total economic collapse.  Now, here they are again, with a new attempt to wound this nation so severely that they can pick up the pieces and make themselves the dictators of a new right wing totalitarian state.  

I hope you will believe me when I say that I do not take much satisfaction in having been, for years, a nearly solitary voice pointing out what is becoming clearer by the day.  I would have rather passed into obscurity as a deluded ideologue, but unfortunately what I predicted is happening right in front of our eyes.

Not that they are likely to succeed.  After all, Hitler failed, as did Mussolini and the execrable Confederate leaders so beloved of the current right wing.  Unfortunately, none of them passed into history without leaving behind them immense devastation, serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

And A Little More:  I've talked several times about how right wingers give a "tell" whenever they are up to something underhanded, by inevitably accusing the left of the same thing, no matter how preposterous the accusation is, in order to provide fuel for the press' knee-jerk "both sides do it" narrative.  Thus, it is Obama who is the ignorant warmonger using racism to further his political goals, who lies incessantly to the American people about what he is up to, not Bush and Cheney.  Here is a fine example of this, from Glenn Beck:

"Last week, Glenn Beck warned that the Obama administration is led by “Marxist revolutionaries” who are preparing to kill millions of people...these people are not screwing around,” Beck said. “You don’t think they’re going to scoop people up? They will. They’re revolutionaries. Look at everything they do, they’re revolutionaries, pure and simple.”

Call me crazy...when it reaches this point, I start thinking of hiding under the bed.  


joseph said...

Mr. Eagle,

A while back, I mentioned Huey Long and you said the oligarchs should worry about Robespierre, not Long. A few days ago, I said pretty much what you're saying now, that the Kochs and their ilk wanted the destruction of the country so that they could take command in the chaos that followed. I then asked if they were missing the possibility that the country might go Robespierre on them.

Green Eagle said...

Remember, for all the damage Robespierre did, he only rode the tiger for a short period of time, and then had his head chopped off too. These people may succeed in creating the chaos that they seem to want, but in the end it will eat them alive in short order.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

"I start thinking of hiding under the bed."

I start thinking of rocks - not the ones in their heads - but the ones I want to throw at them.

Green Eagle said...

Save a few rocks for me, Octo. Preferably some nice big ones with sharp points on them.