Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Liberal Starts To Face Reality

John Aravosis, at Americablog, had this to say today:

"I’ve been trying to figure out why so many of the Tea Partyers who now run the Republican party are so convinced that there won’t be dire consequences to not raising the debt ceiling, and it finally hit me.

Conservatives think that, come Thursday, we can service the debt by “simply” not paying any more Social Security checks.

Conservative thinker George Will yesterday walked Fox News through how “easily” we can pay our debt by simply cutting all other spending.

Note that Will’s intent, and the intent of the conservative site that posted the dialogue, is to prove how “silly” it is that anyone is talking about an imminent default. It’s easy to avoid default, they argue – just stop issuing Social Security checks to seniors"

It's funny that, even the most cynical left wingers are still hardly able to accept the malignant evil which has infected the Republican party.  It takes near-catastrophe for them to face how badly the Republicans are betraying the country.

I have been saying for weeks now that what the Republicans are up to is forcing Obama to either deal with their threats by actions that will give them an excuse to impeach him, or to deplete the Social Security trust fund and destroy Social Security.  When it comes to choosing between the tens of millions of older people who have supported him over the years, or the Koch brothers, the Republicans know perfectly well who pays to keep them in office, and that is where their allegiance lies.  They are deliberately working to destroy the United States as it has always existed, and replace it with a fascist dictatorship.  That's why they don't care if they mangle the economy- economic chaos has always been a friend of the fascists, and they are ready to try it again.

The country has narrowly avoided a coup this week, but the attempts will continue as long as people like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson are allowed to have enough money to pervert our electoral process.  At some time in the near future, we are going to need to take that money away from people like them, not because we are envious or jealous, not to "redistribute" their money, but because if their fortunes survive, we will not.


Paul Avery said...

I wish they would stop sending Social Security checks. Congress could use a good lynch mob.

Green Eagle said...

They tried. You've got to give them credit for that.