Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Most Preposterous Republican Insanity Yet

How many times have we seen headlines like that?  This time, unfortunately, I think they've really set a new mark in delusion.  From one of the widest read Conservative websites in existence, Town Hall, comes this masterpiece of paranoia and willful self delusion:
"Obama Ready to Terminate 16 U.S. States 
If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations," said Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, on Wednesday.  
There simply isn't enough cash on hand to pay the country's bills. And without Congress' approval to raise the debt ceiling, the Treasury will write its first-ever bad check...
Americans, however, remain totally in the dark to the reality of what's coming.
In fact, a controversial, just-released investigation details exactly what history says is certain to happen."
Let me make it clear here that the "just-released investigation" is by who knows whom; and that this article gives absolutely zero details of its supposed methods or findings.  Okay?  Back to business here:
"Sixteen (16) U.S. States Ready for Termination...Is your state is on the termination list?
In event of a default, it would only take 60 minutes for the country to begin to unravel. That is, according to a four-month investigation released by a team of the world's top financial and political experts.
How serious is this threat? Enough that the federal government already has a disaster plan in place...within an hour later, the federal government would issue emergency notification that its disaster map is in effect.
"The United States of America would look dramatically different," says renowned global analyst, Karim Rahemtulla, adding that "not every state will survive."
Well, we only hope they start by kicking out the most Republican ones, since they will be the most responsible for whatever happens.  Notice again that this psychotic claim is not backed up with a single verifiable fact or a single real detail of this supposed plan.

And please remember that this accusation that Obama is preparing to eject sixteen States from the country comes from one of the most prominent "news" sources in the Conservative world.

Not that I'm that opposed to the idea, actually.  I have often said that the worst thing that has happened in the entire history of the United States is when the North won the Civil War.  Without that pack of hate and greed filled, mentally subnormal assholes (I'm talking white people only, of course), what a better country this would be.  And at this point, the Confederacy could have North and South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the bottom half of Arizona too.  (I'm not giving away the Grand Canyon.)  Let them show us what kind of a magnificent country, just chock full of Liberty and Patriotism and Freedom, they will build.  Maintaining the 40 foot high electrified border fence and the snarling attack dogs all around the Confederacy will be a small price to pay to be rid of them.  But the notion that Obama is preparing to do this is either a sign of paranoid delusions of the highest magnitude, or demonstration of a capacity for lying previously unknown to mankind.

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Ironic said...

Ironic that on the day you poseted this, EBT was mysteriously out for 12 hours in 17 states, but most of the chaos was on twitter