Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Just Want To Be Clear

About any sort of compromise with the Republican party.  The Republicans are now engaged in an open attempt to destroy democratic government in this country, and replace it with the rule of force- i.e. a dictatorship.

Every time I hear about a deal that allows Republicans to save face I want to scream.  These people are undermining our country, and the only appropriate response is to crush them without quarter and totally humiliate them.  This is the only way to stop them from ever using this strategy of extortion again.  If they get anything out of their tantrum, or even if they are allowed to emerge from this episode without suffering harm, we are dooming ourselves to repeat this ugly episode again and again.

I doubt that Obama has the fortitude to do the right thing here.  Maybe we will have to wait for Hillary, who will put a stop to this behavior as fast as she can.

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