Friday, October 18, 2013

Insurrection Watch Part 4

A really short one today.  Some of you may remember that there was supposed to be another teabag march on Washington yesterday.  I can understand them not being in the best of moods to go off on an adventure, what with their plan to destroy democracy being temporarily put on hold and all, but really...I can't find a single article about this march, pro or con.  I guess absolutely no one showed up, which truly represents a new low for these miserable, America-hating lunatics, and one that they (for obvious reasons) are going to have trouble topping. 

Obvious, that is, if you know enough arithmetic to understand that the concept of "less than zero" has little application when it comes to counting demonstrations.  Most of the teabaggers don't seem to possess much skill in arithmetic, however, so the joke may be lost on them.

Well, we'll just have to wait a whole month now, for Larry Klayman to bring the United States to an abrupt end.  Green Eagle will be all over that story, so we can all get a good laugh over Larry's explanation for why he failed miserably.

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