Sunday, October 13, 2013

Insurrection Watch 2013- Part Two

Oh, did I mention that the Truckers for the Constitution event in Washington D.C. this weekend was an unmitigated failure?  I didn't?  Well, then, it seems that, from the entire country, 30 big rigs showed up and about 15 jerks in pickups trying to get in on the fun.  Or, to put it another way, just about exactly what you would expect from one of these massively promoted and publicized right wing events, since they all turn out that way.  Funny thing, up until Friday, the wingnut blogosphere was full of stories about what a massive event this was going to be.  Now...nothing.  They have not a word to say about their latest failure.

That doesn't mean that these neo-Confederate insurrectionists are quiet...oh no!  Yesterday and this morning, they were full of predictions of the massive, life-changing event that was going to occur in Washington today- one that Green Eagle hasn't even mentioned yet, absorbed as he was with Constitution-loving truckers and all.  This is the Million Vets March On Washington!  Once again, this exciting event has been receiving massive publicity from right wing websites, with comments like these proliferating:

 "Barrycades down! Spite House barricades no match for Million Vets March"
"America, Today’s Veteran’s March Means Everything…THIS IS OUR RED LINE MOMENT"

Well, sad to say, the RED LINE MOMENT didn't quite pan out as predicted.  Here (as has become a tradition at Green Eagle) are a couple of photos from this event, the chief attraction of which (other than the apparently useless appearance of Sarah Palin) was the uprooting of barriers from the World War II monument and the carrying of them a couple of blocks to the front of the White House, which was definite proof of...something:

Green Eagle's arithmetic skills may not be quite what they once were, but he is pretty sure that there are not a million people in any of these pictures.  CBS calls the size of the demonstration at "several hundred," which seems charitable under the circumstances, since on a Sunday on the mall, a fair number of the people in these photos must be bystanders drawn in by the (very minuscule) hoopla.

So, as expected, the tone has changed among the right wing bloggers:

"If just one person had shown up it would be a success for them."
"No, it was a success, no matter how the American hating liberals spin it."

Well, one person did show up, so I guess this was a success, even though America hating liberals like Green Eagle engage in the dastardly treason of showing how many people turned up for this event, the latest colossal failure in a seemingly endless series of marches, stretching back to the dawn of the tea party.

Nevertheless, the next one and the one after that and the one after that, ad infinitum, will, before they occur, be the subjects of endless crowing predictions of triumph from the right, only to be utterly forgotten by them after their inevitable failure.

Note:  As is my practice, whenever I cover these events, I try to include photos showing the largest number of people I can find.  Today's is the shot of the front of the Lincoln monument.  I want to show the truth here, so I think that is only fair.

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