Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GOP Proposes New Supercommittee to Resolve Impasse

Yep, that's the headline from Roll Call this morning.  The article continues:

" House Republicans will bring to the floor a bill to create a bipartisan, bicameral committee to address the current fiscal impasse that has shut down much of the government and threatens a debt default.A GOP leadership aide said the committee wouldn’t just handle the continuing resolution needed to fund the government. It would have broader jurisdiction similar to the 2011 Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the supercommittee, and would cover the debt limit and other fiscal issues."

How about if the supercommittee addresses the issue of whether it is an appropriate use of Congressional power to engage in extortion and blackmail, threatening the destruction of world economic stability to get what a certain party couldn't get through the legislative process?

Oh what?  That would be just a little beyond the supercommittee's mandate?  Well, I sort of guessed that all along.

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