Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will She or Won't She?

I can't believe the idiotic blather swirling around the national media about whether or not Sarah Palin will run for President.  Can these people really be ignorant enough to have any doubts about this question?

To state what should be one hundred percent obvious to the most naive American:  this self-serving, avaricious demagogue will run for president if either:

A. She thinks she can manipulate the teabagger controlled Republican party into nominating her


B:  She can make a lot of money off of all the free publicity.

She will not run if either

A: She doesn't think she can get the Republican party to commit mass suicide by nominating her


B: She can't figure out a way to make enough money to justify sullying herself for months with actual interaction with her dupes.

I hope this answers the stupid question of whether Sarah Palin intends to run for president.


BB-Idaho said...

Well, if she does, and she gets elected..we can count on her quitting after a couple of tough years...

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, but what would be left of our country by that time?

Anonymous said...

My pet rock can beat Obama

Shaw Kenawe said...

I wonder if your troll anon's pet rock is polling in the 50s?

But back to Palin. What is still astounding to contemplate is that the media believes this know-nothing fraud--who has absolutely no qualification to be anything but a reality teevee personality--will be a serious candidate.

Have we ever heard her articulate, in clear, understandable English sentences, her ideas for domestic and foreign policies? Answer: NO.

She snarks, talks like a 7th grade mean-girl--"lamestream media;"--and aside from her talent for staying in the news, is a disaster in everything else.

Palin lost her bid to become VP--big time; she quit her job and broke her promise to serve the people of Alaska; her ghost-written books have ended up in the remainder bins; her teevee reality show did not get renewed, her unfortunate daughter lost in that tacky dancing show; and in the middle of a tragic shooting in Tucson, she made herself the victim. Now she's telling her pals at FOX that she has a "fire in the belly."

I have only one word for Palin:


Green Eagle said...


Your pet rock isn't a corrupt, racist pig like the other Republican candidates.