Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Pro Israel"

A statement by a nameless Republican congressman (they're all interchangeable any way) led me to say something that I have been thinking about for a while.  Here's the quote:

"[W]here is the outrage from the American Jewish community? Don’t they understand that the president is not pro-Israel?"

I see this "not pro-Israel" crap a hundred times a day on the blogs I read for Wingnut Wrapup.

Well, here's what I wonder:  Would these people react in equally jingoistic fury if someone was accused of being, say, "not pro-France" or "not pro-Germany?"  After all, France and Germany are just as much our allies as Israel.  In fact, Republicans savaged John Kerry and other Democrats for being too "pro-France" and during the 2008 campaign, they attacked Obama for giving a speech in Germany.

Now, let me state as I have before that I have lived in Israel, and am a strong supporter of its existence.  Still, don't we all know that these attacks on Obama are nothing but a way of implying one more time that he is a Muslim?  And don't we all know that these people don't really give a damn about Israel, or they wouldn't do everything they can to sabotage any real possibility of peace between Israel and its enemies.

What they do accomplish is to sink all of our political discourse into a cesspool of lies and smears- a field of battle where they have a commanding advantage.

Update:  This headline today from Red State:

"War Is Preferable In the Middle East To The Peace Most Likely To Be Imposed"

Preferable for whom? Because, of course, they won't pay the price.  They'll be sitting in their basements eating their cheetos and cheering for someone else to suffer so they can live out their infantile, violent fantasies.


Dave Dubya said...

And as we all know, "pro-Israel" is code for "Republican" to the Bible-thumping half-wits who praise their gilded corporate image of Jeebus while serving the interests of the Mammonites.

Green Eagle said...

So well put.