Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Chapter In Press Collaboration

This time illustrated by an article in the Washington Post today, by Jonathan Bernstein, in which the author suddenly discovers that Newt Gingrich is not a responsible politician:

"Newt is a problem of the GOP’s own making

Republicans are embarrassed and infuriated that a prominent GOP presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, blasted their House-passed budget and its Medicare plan in extreme language...Of course, Newt’s attack was entirely disingenuous.  Newt has always been a radical, and so it’s not surprising that a couple of weeks ... Newt saw Paul Ryan’s Medicare plans as too modest."

Funny that Mr. Bernstein, like most of the rest of the mainstream press, never saw a problem with Gingrich for twenty years while he was setting new records for political hypocrisy, lying and dirty dealing.  But of course that was all directed toward Democrats.  Suddenly, when Gingrich says something which incidentally happens to be quite true, but which throws a monkey wrench in Republican plans to plunder the economy, Mr. Bernstein wakes up and realizes that it is now time to notice Gingrich's consistent behavior.

"But that aside, the bottom line is that Republicans had this one coming. Look: House Republicans, the people who really had to deal with him on a day-to-day basis, took only a few months to begin plotting against him back in 1995, and they were fully prepared to get rid of him three years later. "

Yes, the Republicans had this coming, not because they cultivated this evil man, built him into a national figure, and let him do his worst for all this time, including perpetrating the most outrageous abuse of congressional power in American history; no- it is because they "plotted" againsty this truly evil man and were prepared to do without him.

"Surprise, surprise: he’s still the same old irresponsible Newt, willing to say pretty much anything as long as it’s phrased as strongly as possible."

Surprise, surprise:  The press was willing to celebrate Gingrich as a brilliant intellectual, and give him a constant platform to push his nonsense a decade after his behavior had driven him out of political life.  But let him say anything, however accurate, which interferes with the agenda of the rich and their Republican stooges, and it suddenly becomes obvious that he needs to be struck down.  Attempting to destroy the President of the United States for behavior which Gingrich himself was engaging in at the same time- that was just fine.  Criticizing a Republican scheme to destroy Medicare- that was a step too far.

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