Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solving the Federal "Debt Crisis" the Rational Way

Via Daily Kos, this great article in (of all places) the Washington Post, by Harold Myerson:

"Where else can we identify a comparably large group of drainers of the public till?

Happily, the Tax Foundation — a conservative Washington-based think tank — has, however unintentionally, provided the answer. In 2007, the foundation published a survey of 2005 federal spending in each state and compared that with each state’s contribution in federal taxes. In other words, the foundation identified the states that sponge off the federal government and those that subsidize it. The welfare-queen states and the responsible, producing states, as it were.

The list, alas, hasn’t been updated — in part, no doubt, because conservatives didn’t like what it revealed: that those states that got more back from our government than they paid in were overwhelmingly Republican.

If we’re really serious, then, about reducing the deficit entirely through cutbacks, the solution is clear: Cut off these slacker states. As we can’t very well expect them to support legislating an end to their slothful dependence on our sugar-daddy subsidies, the only real solution is to reduce them to vassal status, strip them of their congressional and electoral college representation, and compel them to pay what they owe America’s producing class. If need be — we can’t just go on passing the debt to the next generation — by force.

Take taxes off the table and it’s either the South (and kindred sponger states) or the seniors. I say, the South. It’s time for bold choices."

I have referred to this survey numerous times.  These greedy pigs continue to pursue their endless campaign to live off the efforts of the rest of us;  instead of trying to find a constructive way to carry their own weight, they spend their time blaming anyone but themselves and their own greed for the country's downfall.

It's really a shame that the rest of us got stuck having to support these Southern losers, like some thirty five year old slacker son, living in the basement, writing blog posts about Ayn Rand and eating industrial-quantity bags of Cheetos.


Dave Dubya said...

Yes, "Red State Socialism" is yet another reality the Right will not acknowledge.

I suggest that we return General Lee’s surrender papers and let the Confederacy go.

Green Eagle said...

I have said for years that the worst thing that ever happened to this country is when the North won the civil war. I'm sick of having them suck us down into an economic black hole, all the time telling the rest of us that WE are the spongers.

Goodbye to them tomorrow as far as I am concerned.