Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minnesota Republicans Humiliate Themselves Again

This time Republican State Legislators, who invited the following pathetic specimen of humanity to deliver the daily benediction this week:

This is one Bradley Dean, who has, in the way of ministry, specialized in delivering Hitlerian denunciations of gays, and who came through as promised in front of the legislature, with the addition of the obligatory right wing claim that Barack Obama is not a Christian.

Bradley also happens to be an alleged heavy metal musician, who is a member of " the second-best unsigned band in the nation."

For your information, this title was bestowed upon them by a "Christian Heavy Metal" magazine, so take it for what it's worth.  (That would be zero.  We see a lot of live music in our family, and I guarantee you that this guy's band wouldn't be the three hundredth best unsigned band in the San Fernando Valley.  My wife's band could play these guys into an early grave while warming up.)

Just for general information, here's what a real heavy metal musician looks like:

Notice the following:  First of all, this guy looks like a man, not an overgrown little boy.  Second, he has enough muscles to play heavy metal for more than ten or twelve seconds.  And finally, he is not wearing what appears to be a particularly ornate tinfoil hat.

And finally, Bradley, just to sum things up, I watched your videos.  You hold your drumsticks like a five year old girl.

WARNING!  Do not attempt to follow Green Eagle's example and listen to Bradley's music.  Green Eagle is a professional.  He emerged unscathed from the experience, but he strongly recommends against it for those without very strong stomachs.

Well, now for the kicker.  Guess who is a friend of this pathetic specimen, who has raised money for his gay-hating "ministry" and who he supports too?  Michelle Bachmann!  Well, loons of a feather, huh?


Grung_e_Gene said...

Don't Worry GE! He and Bachmann are about to be taken bodily into the air

Dave Dubya said...

Fascist music is always dull and insipid, perfect for their consumer's mentality. Imagine the average IQ at a Ted(Any key as long as it's A) Nugent show.

Lady Gaga is a Mozart compared to these twits.(I just had to mention her again.)

I sure do miss Jerry Garcia...

Anonymous said...

GE I disregarded your warning about watching this guy play and went ahead and watched him. I thought he was pretty damned good. Kidding. I never really watched him. I also want to say that lately especially I am really admiring the great work you do.