Friday, May 20, 2011

Show Trials

I remember long ago when I was in school, being taught about the show trials that were a regular part of life in the USSR under Stalin.  Do you remember that too?  Officials that fell into disfavor would be regularly hauled in front of tribunals where, in an effort to preserve their careers (or their lives,) they would abjectly confess in public to all sorts of supposedly sordid sins, and beg for forgiveness.

What reminds me of that is what has been going on in the Republican party the last couple of years.  Look at Newt, not that I have a shred of sympathy for him.  Twenty years of prostituting himself in every possible manner for the Republican party; a career in which nothing was too low for him to do if the party demanded it, and what is his reward?  One inconvenient statement, and he is savaged by a hundred Republican officials, talk show hosts and bloggers.  He's through.  One misstep, one truth that accidentally fell from his lips and he is run over by the Republican juggernaut.

Think of all the elected Republican representatives in the recent past who have been forced to humiliate themselves in public, for daring to speak out against the drug-addled, lying gasbag Limbaugh. 

This has become a political party in the same sense that Stalin's Communist party was one.  Who ever thought we would see such an open betrayal of American values in our lifetime?  Well, one thing we could have always, this sort of thing would be carried out by people with patriotic cant dripping from their lips at every opportunity.


Poll P. said...

Right here in crazy ole America. Hard to find anyone today who doesn't want to make a joke about tomorrow's doomsday scenario.

mastercynic said...

Because we laugh in the face of death doesn't mean that making the newt the butt of a thousand jokes isn't worse than the cut of a thousand knives. It's too bad we can't do both.