Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things that Hardly Need Saying

Chris Matthews:

"“I think Sarah Palin proved herself to be — I think she’s proven herself to be profoundly stupid,” Matthews said to applause on-location in Los Angeles. “Her inability to answers the questions of Katie Couric, her inability of even now to explain if she ever reads anything.” 

“Her absolute failure to begin studying and get serious about running for president,” he continued. “She has shown no effort to doing any homework or understanding issues about the economy or science or the world. No effort and she’s running for president? I don’t believe she would be at all helpful to our republic.”


Shaw Kenawe said...

Yet a considerable number of Americans are rabidly loyal to this grifter and actually believe she's more qualified to be president than is Mr. Obama.

Poll P. said...

Hardly need saying, and yet said so seldom on TV or Radio, outside of the few liberal sites.