Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Most Insane Conspiracy Theory of All Time

Yes, here it is- a wingnut delusion so immense, so utterly preposterous, that it makes Pam Geller sound like Paul Krugman.

From my new BFF at News Cottage Three, this startling news:

"Death of "Bin Laden" an Unproven Assertion by Obama Regime...

Remember back in 2010

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:
Osama Bin Laden Is in Washington, D.C."

Because...BECAUSE...are you ready to learn the awful truth?


Yes, and here are the pictures provided to prove it:

I'm sure you can see the amazing resemblance!  I hope you will all agree with me that this is the most spectacular delusion ever.  The mind of man is a wonderful thing, and it can take us to so many amazing places.  I am simply stunned by the creative capacity of the human race, and I stand in awe of this victory over the shackles of reality.  Here's to you, News Cottage people!


tnlib said...


Poll P. said...

Their noses ARE remarkably similar, and their skin color....oh, wait! That's the point!

Shaw Kenawe said...

I hope someone is keeping these people away from sharp objects...

Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

It appears someone is unhinged (if indeed there was ever a hinge there in the first place).

magpie said...

“All Time” is a long time, Mr Eagle.

Give the lunatic Right enough time and they can top any mad delusion.

They'll top this one eventually, you'll see. Maybe not tomorrow. But some day.

Have a bit of faith.

Green Eagle said...

I don't know, Magpie. Identifying a President that you don't like with our archetypical enemy is pretty far-fetched, even for them. Imagine if someone in 1942 had started publishing the theory that Franklin Delano Roosevelt actually was Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I prefer facts:




Green Eagle said...


You're just trying to change the subject away from Obama's accomplishing what Bush couldn't, just like when Obama stopped a depression which Bush caused. You know that this puts a huge nail in the coffin containing the dead remains of Republicans' claims that only they can do anything right.

If Bush had caught Bin Laden, he would be strutting around like some pro Wrestler on Monday Night Raw, and you guys would all be ecstatic over what a big, tough man he was. In fact, as we remember from the "Mission Accomplished" fiasco, Bush didn't even need a victory to stage a disgusting display of phony manhood, which you all ate up in giant helpings. Bush talked the talk- Obama did the deed. We now know which party can be trusted to deal with terrorists.

Deal with it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Green Eagle,

Well said. Beautiful. It is really burning their arses that Barack Hussein Obama did what GWB could not do.

They can't handle that reality, so they try in every phony way possible to denigrate the amazing accomplishment of this president.

It really is hilarious to watch.

JohninOregon said...

"It really is hilarious to watch."

Hilarious on one level, yes. But also deeply disturbing. Right wing loons are nothing new, but it has reached the point in this country where a shocking number of our fellow citizens are sucked into a political cult willing to say or do anything to defend the lies that prop it up.